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Why the Buffalo Bills should bring on Rex Ryan

Why the Buffalo Bills should bring on Rex Ryan

As a Bills’ fan I must say that I thought Rex Ryan was a fat, loud-mouthed blowhard with a creepy foot fetish. That of course was when he was the coach of the New York Jets. I got to thinking however, what if Rex actually became the coach of the Bills?

I must say the prospect intrigues me. There is no arguing that Ryan is the best defensive mind this side of his father, the equally crazy Buddy Ryan. And Buffalo has a defense that Ryan, the mad scientist, would have a blast with in his laboratory known as Ralph Wilson stadium. If Jim Schwartz could coach this group into the top 10, just think what Ryan would do with the talent on the defensive side of the ball!

He took slightly above average talent in New York and coached it to consecutive AFC championship games.

But Pfeiffer, what about the offense? Ryan is a QB killer, look what he did to Sanchez? That is my point exactly!! We do not have a solution at QB and there isn’t one coming down the pike any time soon. There are at least 10 teams (Bucs, Jets, Dolphins, Bears, Titans, Texans, etc etc…Bills) that are a train wreck at quarterback. We have to take a number in order to fix our QB situation. This is a problem that is not going to fix itself in the next 3-5 years either. So, who has been able to take an inexperienced QB throw him on the field, hide his flaws and get a team to the playoffs? Wait for it…Rex Ryan!

Let’s face it folks, EJ Manuel is not a franchise QB and there are serious questions if he is even an NFL quarterback. That said, he’s (probably) our QB for the next couple of seasons. And if not EJ than who? Jake Locker? Brian Hoyer? Drew Stanton? I can’t even name anybody else. Regardless of who actually lines up under center…it ain’t gonna be very good. So, if we want to win and win now…Let’s go ahead, overpay for Ryan and let him coach the hell out of that defense to an 11-5 record and a playoff birth. And Bills fans let me say this… It has been done before. The Bucs won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson (who?? exactly), the Redskins with Mark Rypien and the Ravens with Tent Dilfer! They all had great defenses and had an offense that did… just enough.

We have the talent on offense to do just enough… to win.

Bring on Rex Ryan…. And hey, now that it is the off-season, and upon reflection, maybe Marrone quit on EJ too quick. Before any of you crap on this idea too fast let me ask you this… how would you feel if our next coach led this team to back to back AFC Championship appearances and in the second game he had our over matched team leading at half-time? Would you roll the dice with that guy? In February would you be pretty damn happy with the season? Me too! And when you get to the final four, you just never know. Ask the 1990 New York Giants. You may remember that they got to the final four and beat the Super Bowl champion 49ers on the road and the high powered Buffalo Bills with…a great defense, a back-up Journeyman QB and a defensive minded coach with a big waistline and a big personality. Just say’in.

Now that I think about it, he doesn’t have foot issues, he’s just a family man who loves his wife. He certainly won’t let the cutthroat media of Western NY get under his skin the way Dougy Marrone did, and he might just help us end this horrible playoff drought.

So I say again… Bring on Rex Ryan!

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