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Why is the Buffalo News spitting in our face?

Why is the Buffalo News spitting in our face

As I read about the sale of the Bills these days and  read the garbage coming my way from Buffalo News I am quickly reminded of why we started our own uncensored Buffalo sports site. These assholes at the Buffalo news obviously have their own agenda and it is very apparent it’s NOT to serve the best interest of the great fans here in Buffalo.

Want an example? Take for instance the letter to Buffalo from Bon Jovi that the Buffalo News printed without even considering what us actual fans would think about it. The letter itself was complete garbage offering no real proof that he  and his group of Canadian Nazis intend to keep the Bills in Western New York.  Most of us true Bills fans walked away from that letter feeling like we just walked away from a dirty politician’s speech telling us that he’s not going to high end prostitutes anymore. The question we have to ask ourselves though is why is the Buffalo news publishing this garbage? There is obviously another controlling interest here and whatever it is you all need to stay far away from it.

Do you know what would of happened if Bon Jovi and his people sent me that letter to publish? If you don’t already know then you are in for a treat! I would of went to Taco Bell and ordered a variety of almost everything on the menu, I would of then eaten as much of it as I possibly could while washing it down with a 12 pack of Genny cream ale. While polishing off the rest of the 12 pack I would then print the letter and wait for my recent feast of potentially bowel exploding disaster to strike. Once that happened I would shit with all my might and splatter every square inch of that letter, then I would do two things. 1) take a picture of it and email it back to them with the caption “I wish I could of just shit on you instead”  and 2) place the shit covered letter in an envelope and mail it to them.

So why would the Buffalo news not only print the story but give it a whole page in the Sunday paper? By far their best selling edition of the quickly dying paper,  but apparently it cant die soon enough because the Buffalo News is far from done trying to fill your head with this nonesense. A few days ago Tim Graham published a piece titled “Jim Kelly, Jon Bon Jovi have discussed joining forces to buy the Bills”,  in the article he talks about some ridiculously steep demands from Jim Kelly and gives a feel that Bon Jovi is a perfectly acceptable potential owner for the Bills. Why is this happening from our Newspaper? Nobody else here in Buffalo is putting out this trash, so it really begs the question of who is pulling the strings at the Buffalo News?

All I know is every chance I get I am telling Bon Jovi that he can shove nails up his dick hole but the Buffalo News is trying to convince us that he is a wonderful person who wants to keep the Bills in Buffalo when that is completely false and inaccurate information. Bon Jovi isn’t even supposed to be discussing anything relevant to buying the team, yet the Buffalo News is publishing letters of good will towards its fans? Something is not right here and anyone who is buying this shit needs to wake up.

There is only one potential owner that will without any doubt keep the Bills in Buffalo and that is Terry Pegula. Mr “if I wanted to make money I’d drill another oil well” has no interest in moving this team for any reason, not ever. Where is the Buffalo News full page story about that? Why are they force feeding us Bon Jovi is so great shit when we obviously hate him with a passion right now. I dont actually knows anyone who still buys the Buffalo News, but if you do I suggest you stop, and if you by chance subscribe you should cancel while giving them the reason “because you’re sucking Bon Jovi’s dick”. The internet is everywhere and there is absolutely no reason to pay the Buffalo News just so they can spit in your face, whatever their reason is for doing so.

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