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Why Bogosian for Myers is the best part of the Evander Kane deal

Why Bogosian for Myers is the best part of the Evander Kane deal

If you are anything like myself then you like your hockey players to be mean, gritty and strong like a grizzly bear on ice skates. I can of course excuse some of these qualities if you can average at least a point per game, I understand wanting to keep your nose clean if you’re racking up the points and leading us to victory. But honestly, even if you’re our best offensive player I want to see you stick up for not only yourself but your team as well.

All that said, with Tyler Myers only lighting up the lamp on an occasional basis and the fact that he allowed opposing teams to cheap shot and rough up his own teammates before his very eyes without drawing a serious “I want to kill you” reaction has never sat right with me. I’ve watched almost every single game Myers has played for the Sabres and you have no idea how many times I’ve shouted at the TV that Myers was being a pussy.

The situation was always the same, somebody cheap shots one of our players, one of our players loses his shit over it and starts a multi-player fight, Myers grabs somebody with his still-gloved hands and doesn’t even have the decency to pretend like he’s even slightly upset about his own teammate who’s laying on the ice. Now Myers is a big boy, a little skinny sure but he has some size, however that size obviously has no reflection on how big his balls are because when shit goes down on the ice he might as well be wearing a prom dress.

People in Buffalo know what I’m talking about here, if your by chance a Winnipeg Jets fan reading this then I suggest you watch him for a full season before trying to tell me how much a man he actually is.

The simple fact of the matter is this is biggest aspect of the Evander Kane trade that the Jets lost, Myers for Bogosian is just almost unfair for Winnipeg.

Forget about the bad passes, giveaway’s and lack of scoring for either player, the main difference that separates these two players is that one is a tough, strong and fearless man while the other does everything in his power to avoid fighting somebody. That is no exaggeration, if you doubt this as fact then you have no idea how frustrated Myers has made me over the years because when shit was going down he showed absolutely no emotion and couldn’t care less about defending his own god damn teammates. Defenceman are supposed to be tough as nails players who always stick up for their team and I’m afraid Myers only cares about sticking up for himself.

Tim Murray is not at all getting enough credit for the trade he just pulled off with the Jets in this deal. He just traded one of the biggest pussies we have on our team for one of the strongest, nastiest and fearless defenceman in the game. The kind of guy that smashes you face first into the boards and then begs you to fight him, the kind of guy that when punches are being thrown at his teammates he lunges fist first into the pile.

For me this trade was all about getting rid of soft lips, panty wearing Myers and it honestly couldn’t have worked out any better for Sabres fans, oh wait… we get Evander Kane too? Shit!

To put into perspective what exactly we traded on defense for Myers take a look at this Bogosian tribute video found on YouTube…

I know on paper it seems like we gave up an awful lot in this trade, but when you look at the quality of play of the names coming our way in Buffalo it just might be the god damn steal of the century. Naturally only time is going to tell how this all plays out, but I’m pretty sure that in 5 years Myers will still be a pussy and Bogasian will be a fan favorite in Buffalo for being a hard hitting, takes no shit badass on the ice. Welcome to Buffalo Bogosian and Kane!!!!

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