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Why are Buffalo host Schopp and the Bulldog such disrespectful assholes?

Why are Buffalo host Schopp and the Bulldog such disrespectful assholes

Virtually every sports fan living in Buffalo is aware of the flagship station of the Buffalo Bills WGR550, hell even Bills fans living across the country know about WGR550 and listen to their content through their website and mobile app because its the one radio station that is dedicated to our favorite team.

The Bills arguably have one the most loyal and passionate fan bases in the world, they also have the biggest assholes imaginable hosting a show dedicated to that team. I cant imagine that a lot of you that have clicked on this article don’t already know what these guy are, chances are you are one of the many people I’ve encountered in the past few years who also think that these two guys should really be hosting.

If you don’t know who Schopp and the Bulldog are then let me enlighten you as to what us die-hard loyal Bills fans have been dealing with for god damn years now.  They host a 4 hour show that is centered around Buffalo sports, well at least its supposed to be. Instead what we get are two assholes being negative about every aspect of our team and completely ripping apart the very callers who are supporting their show.

I tuned into WGR550 after a Bills win back in December, I was excited about our win and wanted to hear some positive talk about the team from my local radio station. Instead what I got was a feeling of absolute rage because my local radio station had on a couple of complete assholes who treated the fans like they were absolute garbage.

Yep, those assholes were Schopp and the Bulldog. They cut off a caller who was merely expressing his joy about the victory and then decided to go off for roughly 10 minutes about how stupid that caller was because he didn’t have the exact same thoughts as them. At a time where Bills fans are living it up and excited about their team winning, Schopp and the Bulldog felt it was more important to show you how to degrade and humiliate someone? F*ck football, right? Lets teach people that you really get ahead in life by acting superior to those that support you.

Now when this happened I was absolutely livid, I was so incredibly pissed I wanted to strangle someone. How dare they treat the very people that support them like they are such low life idiots? I don’t care if they are actually the dumbest person alive, that’s your fan base (and that should say something) because of those people calling in you have a job and you treat them like that?! What the serious is wrong with you?

Really its more Schopp that unmercifully berates his callers, but you honestly have to put just as much blame on the Bulldog for supporting his actions. Because Bulldog just sits by and supports such ignorant and hateful behavior it leads me to believe he would just sit by while a rape was happening and assure the rapist the victim deserves it.

Anyways, when I heard this at a time I merely wanted to hear great things about the great Bills win we were all rejoicing in I naturally took to twitter and let WGR550 know what I thought about what happened…

There were naturally a LOT more tweets directed toward @WGR550 about the behavior of these assholes and before I knew it there were a slew of other tweeters telling me that I was absolutely right about what megalomaniac shitheads these guys were. It should be no surprise that my series of tweets resulted in the WGR550 twitter account blocking me and that is where things get interesting. Whoever controls the WGR550 twitter account didn’t care one bit about the frustration or anger their station was bringing to fellow Bills fans, instead they behaved as if I was a nuisance and simply eliminated me. To fully enjoy this fact though you really have to see their recent promotion of Schopp and the Bulldog treating people like absolute garbage…

In that link you will pretty much find what you get in virtually all of Schopp and the Bulldog shows, Schopp cutting off callers and then ranting about how stupid they are because they have a different opinion than him. That’s right, you “gotta check out” their guys treating other people like shit!!!

The people that complain about their employee’s not treating people with respect? You’re Blocked!!!!

WGR550, you are a bunch of pieces of filthy shit, your mothers are probably huge whores and that’s why you get off on making this world a worse place. Seriously think about it, nobody who grew up with a respectable mother is ok with actively promoting people treating others like such shit. The fact that you block people for standing up for whats right and then tell people they should support people hating on one another… its sick and you need serious help.

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