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What if the NFL Playoffs were like March Madness?

What if the NFL Playoffs were like March Madness

The free agent frenzy in the NFL has died down, and when that happens everyone turns their attention towards NCAA March Madness. A wonderfully hectic time of year when brackets are busted, Jay Bilas is on Sportscenter a lot and CBS makes you tune into Tru TV. Now I think we all can agree there’s no real science to “Bracketology” but when it comes down to it isn’t everyone an expert? I got to thinking about all the moves the Bills made in free agency and with all the March Madness talk I thought why not ask the question: “What if the NFL Playoffs were like March Madness?”

I know that the playoffs are bracket style anyway, but what I’m talking about is ALL 32 teams involved. The regular season is used for seeding. I used this past season’s conference standings, and I made 2 regions, Southwest and Central. I kept the Championship game in Indianapolis, where the basketball game actually will be played, but the Southwest region would play their games in University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona and the Central region’s games will all be played at Ford Field in Detroit. I did my best to split the teams up by geography and obviously the Lions and Cardinals wouldn’t play at home. I wanted to eliminate home field advantage and home fan influence. And to answer everyone’s question, yes I made a bracket.

Now as you can see, there are many different match-ups you wouldn’t necessarily see in the NFL playoffs but when it’s tourney time anything goes!

Southwest Region

The Patriots are the overall 1 seed in the tournament and advance all the way to the Final Four, only to lose to the Packers. The Saints beat the Chiefs because the Chiefs receivers still haven’t caught a TD pass. The Browns upset the Bengals because the Bengals don’t win in the playoffs and a 12 ALWAYS beats a 5! The Colts then destroy the Browns then get destroyed by the Patriots. The Lions beat the Giants and surprise the Steelers and make it to the Elite 8, but fall to the division rival Packers. The Steelers crush the Bears and the Eagles soar over the Vikings, and the Packers roll to the Championship game after beating New England in the Final Four.

Central Region

The Seahawks are the 1 seed in the Central and fly all the way to the championship game against the Packers. The Broncos make it to the Elite 8, and I know what you may be thinking, Peyton Manning sucks in the playoffs. Yes that’s true, but Manning also plays well in a dome! The Cowboys make it to the Final Four off of a missed pass interference call, and a sweet catch by Dez Bryant. The Rams upset the Panthers and the Cinderella Rams ride all the way to the Elite 8 only to lose a heart breaker to the Seahawks. The Chargers win a shootout against the 49ers, the Cardinals and Ravens win in round 1 but lose in round 2. The Bills upset the 7 seeded Texans because the Bills already won twice in Detroit, why not make it a third time!? The Bills then narrowly lose to the Broncos.

Championship Game

The Packers ride Aaron Rodgers to the championship game after a shootout win over the Patriots in the Final Four. The Seahawks destroy the Bucs and narrowly defeat the Chargers, and just overmatched the quarterback-less Rams, and this time avenge a regular season loss to Dallas in the Final Four. This game does not disappoint. The Packers are able to pass on the Legion of Boom, and the Seahawks running game is a Beast. But in the end Aaron Rodgers was too much for the Seahawks secondary to handle and the Packers win the tournament!

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