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Welcome to Pegulaville!

Welcome to Pegulaville

Today, the city of Buffalo got the knights in shining armor they had been asking for. Terry and Kim Pegula will buy the Buffalo Bills. It’s a monumental, earth-shattering piece of news and the implications of this are not lost on anyone.

I wanted more than 140 characters to express what this means to me. I have never set foot in the United States, let alone been to Buffalo but Bills fans have become a part of my extended family over the past few years. Their passion for this team and for the city is something that will always blow my mind and it has definitely rubbed off on me, especially within the last year. No fan base from any sport or in any country deserves this more than Bills fans do. The efforts to keep the Bills in WNY have been immense and I couldn’t be more proud to consider myself a part of your world.

A huge thank you goes to Ralph Wilson. A man who brought the team to Buffalo, fought temptation over decades to sell them and facilitated this to happen. If I ever hear another bad word said about the man, I will fly over and stick a fork in your eye. Ralph will always be synonymous with Buffalo and has rightfully earned legend status.

Obviously, the biggest thanks go to Terry and Kim Pegula. Without them, we could have seen our team land into nefarious hands with evil intentions. I wish them nothing but the best in bringing both the Bills and the Sabres to prominence.

A quick mention to every single one of you idiots that suggested or hoped that the Bills leave Buffalo and/or moved to Toronto. I would like to give a giant ‘F*CK YOU!’ to every last one of you. The good guys won again, get used to it.

To the bumbling pair of Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi. You tried your best (which was an abject failure) and I wouldn’t wish either of you on any other team. Please give up all hope of owning an NFL franchise because nobody would touch you with a mile long barge pole after the way you’ve gone about this.

I look forward to being in Buffalo sometime in the future with the knowledge that if I find someone insane enough to have my children, the team will always be there for me to show them. Enjoy it, people of Buffalo. You have all earned it.

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