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“We Should Sign Tim Tebow!” – Lady I Work With

We Should Sign Tim Tebow! Lady I Work With

I work with a woman who is such a great Buffalo Bills fan.  She constantly asks me questions that any great Bills fan would ask: “Do the Bills have a game this week?” “Did the Bills win yesterday?” “Are the Bills playing Saturday or Sunday?”

When she heard Kyle Orton was retiring, she made the statement that anyone who has a great grasp of football knowledge would make, “we should sign Tim Tebow!”

“Nobody is signing Tim Tebow because he is Christian,” she stated moments after asking me why “Ryan Orton” was “retiring so young.”  “Tim Tebow is a winner, so of course the Bills wouldn’t take him, they play to lose the game!” She exclaimed matter-of-factly.

Dealing with an expert such as her is very difficult sometimes.  I try to explain to her that I have seen Tim Tebow play live and in person and he is really bad, but that was “just one game.”  I focus on that one game when I should be focused on the fact that he’s “won a playoff game in the past 15 years!”I provide her with facts, like there are about 12 teams in dire need of a quarterback and that not one of them has called him, but the fact remains “it’s because he’s Christian.”  He is a “positive role model for young adults” but the NFL would rather have us watch “rapists and child beaters.”  The NFL doesn’t have any problems with someone playing quarterback that has killed so many dogs, but Tim Tebow is being “discriminated against because he is Christian and preaches his faith.”

I certainly hope the NFL and the Buffalo Bills quit their bigotry for the sake of her argument.  Without Tebow, we are doomed to roam the earth without the playoffs for the rest of our existence.

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