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The new “Fan Experience” at Ralph Wilson Stadium

The new Fan Experience at Ralph Wilson Stadium

The new phrase being thrown around the league by the NFL and all associated owners has been that they wanted more of the “Fan Experience” occurring in the stadiums, not in the parking lots. Well as most Bills fans know sometimes the experience of what occurs in the parking lot is a hell of a lot better then what occurs on the field at Ralph Wilson, as seen last Saturday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The new “Fan Experience” at the Ralph consisted of the addition of La Nova Pizza and Duffs famous wings among others being brought in for more local oriented cusine available to the fans, along with the addition of a new jumbo-tron screen and the new grand entrance Bills store. The Bills store looks absolutely amazing, it’s the right amount of space and design that fits the stadium without looking like it’s out of sorts. A new jumbo-tron to watch plays that you have missed is always good especially when its kid’s day at the stadium and everyone is always moving and distractions are plentiful. Everything that has been added to the stadium fits while still keeping the old feel of the Ralph.

Now like anything else in life we have to discuss the cons. Anyone who is a Bills season ticket holder and die-hard Bills fan goes to the Ralph to tailgate. The new rule that changes tailgaiting this year is you have to park by the car that is in front of you in the entry line. If your not following your buddies vehicle then they wont let you drive to an open spot by them to setup shop and let the tailgating festivities begin. It seems like there was also new security members at the gate as well, which at the entry I passed through it seemed like they were confused on what they should look for. The new cashiers at the food vendors seemed to be just dropped on the lines that day with no prior test runs, as numerous times I saw cashiers ring orders up wrong or hit the wrong button to cash people out.

All and all the pros outweigh the cons concerning the additions and the new rules being enforced. Now as Bills fans, all we need to do is hope the product on the field steps up and starts to match the new upgrades in the stadium.

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