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The ‘Finger Painter’ Matt Schreiner answers to scamming cancer patients

The Finger Painter Matt Schreiner answers to scamming cancer patients

I am going to do my best to keep my composure here as I explain the extraordinarily low things some people will do to get ahead in life, but that is most certainly going to prove to be quite difficult. We Bills fans are no strangers to scam artist and other low lifes that infect our inner circles in an attempt to exploit our kind hearts and generosity. We here at Buffalo Bruises have brought to light some pretty shitty people who have wormed their way into our community, but nothing might be quite as bad as the person I am about to tell you about. Now I say that knowing fully well that peoples feelings about the level of scumbag someone is depends on your personal views on life, but for me scamming cancer patients tops the god damn list.

Matthew Schreiner is a local Buffalo artist who is pretty well known in the community for his paintings that look as if a small child did them.  He has been nicknamed ‘the finger painter’ and that is for good reason, because he actually paints a lot of his work with his fingers which can be seen below…

Now before we get into all of this, it is important to note that Matthew Schreiner has actually done a lot of things for children with cancer, unfortunately though it seems that has given him an excuse to lie about a lot of other causes he claims to be supporting. I should also note that I didn’t come to that conclusion until I talked to Matthew Shcreiner myself, it was his own defense and it is one that I simply can not ignore. But before we get into that we really have to take a look at just a few of the things that gave me every indication that Matthew Schreiner in not completely on the up and up in the first place.

First and foremost is the article (with video) of Matthew being kicked out of a cancer fundraising event in West Virginia 2 years ago, the article can be found by clicking HERE and the video in that article is below. You can skip to 3:20 of the video…

In the article it states “The event coordinator discovered that the men were at several other Relay For Life functions across the northeast and never returned the money” and that “No arrest or charges were filed at this time. However, the police will seek warrants for their arrest if they do return to West Virginia”. This is shit that I couldn’t even make up if I wanted to, this is a small news segment that took place in West Virginia 2 god damn years ago. This is something that Matthew apparently thought wouldn’t follow him back to Buffalo, but the person that was caught with him (who is from west seneca) has done his best to remove all traces of himself online. But Matthew cant do that, because he’s not about to get a full time job and actually work for a living when finger painting and selling overpriced autographs while telling people its all for cancer has gotten him this far.

When I started looking into Matthew I immediately recognized that something did not at all seem right about the way he generally advertised what he was doing. As I talked around to the people that knew him I eventually found that 9 out of the 11 people who had something to say about him had horrible things to say. Which is more than strange to me because how can somebody who is supposedly doing so much for cancer patients and children who need serious help be talked about so badly among the community? People who are genuinely trying to help other people tend to have a lot more support than that because of the awesome things they are doing for people. So here we have a guy who is doing awesome things for people in need but yet most people think he is the scum of the earth. Why?

Now you guys know me, you should already know that I contacted him directly to ask him his side of the story and his response has to go into the record books for some of the dumbest shit Ive ever heard in my life. I cant even tell you what he said when I asked him about the situation in West Virginia, you are going to have to see that for yourself…

Ok, can anybody tell me what just happened here?! First off, there is a major difference between $100 and $400 and those are both dramatically different than the more specific amount of $150 given soon after, so I really don’t know how much money he really raised before the cops made him give it to the event he was raising it for. Secondly no charity in the world is going to kick you out for raising that much money for them. But then immediately after telling me that he only raised funds for one day he tells me that the report is right and that he did in fact do other events previous to this one? Seriously guys, am I supposed to do with that? Want a different perspective? Good, me too! I texted him pretending to be someone he sold a painting to a few months back…

Wow! OK sir, that is quite a different response than you had just twelve hours ago. Have a good one? You don’t even want to try to explain to the person that you have no idea is accusing you of such a horrible thing? Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch about me showing his phone number, that number is very public on his facebook pages at the time of writing this. And I say ‘at the time of writing this’ for good reason because after I contacted him I started to notice that a lot of post were going missing from his facebook pages.

I found that he has 3 different facebook pages that I am aware of. There is Matt Schreiner, Matthew Schreiner Art and Going 4 Life, the most interesting one for me was Matt Schreiner Art. That my friends is where I found a shit ton of “giveaways” that he held, just that nobody actually ever won them. I mean every once in a blue moon he would actually announce a winner but really it was mostly giveaway after giveaway where there was no winner. Now I say “was” because it seems that Matthew decided to delete a lot of these post sometime after I contacted him. He actually deleted quite a bit and I’m not sure why if all he is doing is trying to help kids with cancer, people with nothing to hide don’t go back 6+ months and start deleting facebook giveaways they had to benefit the needy.

I can confirm this because I started taking screen shots of some of the answers he was giving to tell people that nobody won, because it was that noticeable that nobody was winning. Most of these ‘giveaways’ that he holds look similar to this…

Its always funny when he says things like “if more than one person is correct” because nobody is ever correct.  Well actually there were two winners I found out of about 20 of  these random giveaways, but for some reason both of those giveaways were both deleted. I did however manage to screen shot the announcement of the winners before the giveaway was deleted from facebook.

This one I found exceptionally questionable because not one person who entered the giveaway was named Kevin, that was why I ended up taking a screen shot of it. This next winner? well something pretty similar…

Yep you guessed it, Matthew M Brundage never made a single comment in the contest, yet he was awarded the winner and nobody else scrolled back to verify that he actually entered. The worst part is you cant even go look for yourself to verify it, because Matt Schreiner decided he needed to suddenly delete it after it was online for 8 months. You can go ahead and look for the post, but your going to notice a big huge blank spot where October 5, 2014 is supposed to be.

Alright so lets forget about these questionable giveaway’s he’s having and then removing all evidence of, lets move on to the him telling people that a portion of the money he makes from his awful paintings is going to various charities. Before anyone gives me any shit about calling his art awful I need to remind you that I spent 3 days looking at all of it, and its awful. Anyways I kept hearing from people that he’s not actually donating to the causes that he says his art proceeds are going to, so I asked him about it…

Little did Matt know, that was an answer I was completely expecting because of the warning I was given by someone who knew him rather well. I was told that if I was going to do this story that I should be prepared for the few people that he actually did awesome things for and that those people would come to his defense. And rightfully they should, he actually did great things for some people, but it seems as though he is using those things to excuse himself from the horrible shit that he’s doing at the same time. And it makes sense to me, you cant be a complete scam artist and get away with it this day in age, so if you have at least somebody to say that you indeed did do good things for them, then I guess you just have to believe that everything that person does is good. Sure he donates a few paintings here and there so he can post pictures of it and show what a great thing he’s doing for charities, but when it comes to providing information about the money he has donated as a direct result of his sales which he has claimed is for charity, well then he apparently says ‘its none of your business’.

I also have to say something before I wrap this thing up, one person in particular that I talked to about Matthew knew him very well. He did not want to get involved in this thing on the record and I respect that, but what he had to tell me was unbelievable! Matthew Schreiner is a piece of shit like you may have never seen in your life before. The person who had such bad things to say is a guy that is well known as a straight up honest and straight forward guy, and if he’s saying shit like what he had to say about Shreiner then you better believe the dude. I cant even say what he told me without possibly giving away who it is and that is unfortunate because that would be the case closed moment for most of you reading this. All I can say is that its dirty, and Matt you should be god damn ashamed of yourself.

It gets worse though, of course Matt is involved in several gofundme accounts. I’m not even going to show you the one because if its seriously not legit I live close enough to Matthew to react in a way that would send me to prison. All I know is that me and my wife are very familiar with the conditions and terminology in the campaign and we both have serious doubts about its integrity. But lets get on a happier note! Paintings for kids with cancer! Here, take a look and do the simple math he provides…

Yeah that kid in the pic?  Same kid that Matthew sent me while telling me he doesn’t advertise the good things he does for people. Which for those of you that don’t know about that situation before he deleted the post, he advertised on facebook him giving that WWE painting to the kid in the pic right after saying that the painting was supposed to go to another cancer patient.

I honestly have more than enough shit to write another 2,000 words about this situation, that is going to be on you Matthew and whether or not you want to live a good honest life. I tried giving you a chance to come clean Matt and you scoffed at me, I tried telling that wasn’t a good idea and you thought you were better than everybody because you can paint like a toddler. Lets try this again shall we?

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