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The Chronicles of Kromer: Beach-side beatings for children

The Chronicles of Kromer: Beach-side beatings for children

I would like to invite you all to listen to a dark and twisted story, a story of the devil himself who disguises himself as an offensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills. So please sit back and prepare yourself for what you are about to hear.

On a dark and stormy night just past midnight on the beaches of Florida, out from the shadows appears a tall and heavy beast of a man. He has his eye’s on a group of toddlers fishing in the wee hours of the night, he takes notice that they seem to have politely borrowed his chairs.  His eyes turned red as he mumbled under his breath “I will murder those cute little children and their whole family!”

He quietly moves towards them with such skill that it is obviously he has been trained by authentic Japanese ninja’s. Suddenly one of the very tiny little boy’s feels his fishing pole fly out of his hand. The young boy is excited, he shouts “oh my!!! guy’s its a big one!! it just took my pole!!”.  That is when this sweet little innocent youth looked back towards his friends only to look directly into the eyes of the devil himself, his eyes glowing red and a very real smoke gently passing through his nostrils.

The boy, not much older than 6 years old froze in terror. He wanted to run. He wanted to scream. His only option being to stand there terrified.

The boy stood there emotionally and physically paralyzed for what seemed to be an eternity, until the freakishly evil man suddenly burst out in a rage. The man screamed fiercely while throwing the fishing pole for what seemed to be 5 miles into the ocean, as the young boy looked in amazement he was suddenly smashed into the earth and punched in the face with a force that could be felt in downtown Disney.  The poor child had no chance, he wondered what he did to deserve such an evil force to enter his life. However, it wasn’t over.

As the boy grabbed his left eye, he wished he was back home, back with his sister as they giggled and laughed while watching cartoons after school. Just as quickly as the boy’s vision started it was ended,  that is when the man known as Kromer grabbed the unnamed boy by the throat, lifted him 5 feet off the ground and vowed to murder his whole family if he told anybody about what had just happened.

Kromer then threw the unnamed child across the beach roughly 20 feet, it looked like it was straight out of a bad horror movie. As the boy gasped and rolled around the beach wondering if he was going to survive this, Kromer spoke with his final demands: “Return the chairs where you found them!!!”.

And just like that, Kromer was gone…. but not for long.

The boy understood how innocent he was and that no devil would ever control his life in any way, he called the police immediately and told them “I don’t care if my family gets murdered! You need to arrest this man, he is the devil!”

When the cops asked him what happened he told the whole truth, how he was just a young toddler fishing with his friends  at 1am and out of nowhere this maniac serial killer came and attacked them for no reason. He told them how respectful they wanted to be with the man known as Kromer but that Kromer was indeed an evil spirit.

The cops had no choice but to release the information to the public and make them aware that there was a monster in their community who was viciously assaulting children. The public as a result was a much safer place, they at least now know that if Kromer is near their children then seeking safety is their top priority. This is hardly the end of Kromer though, you will fear the name once again. You’re children will know what real fear is, and Kromer will make sure of that.

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