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Mayhem Monday: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you missed the last Mayhem Monday on, check it out here!

Jim Kelly invited to Dancing With the Stars

Could Jim Kelly be heading to ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” soon? Well it seems he was at least invited judging by his daughters tweet this evening:

Chris Hogan: Our slot option?

Well let me tell you something, brother!  You can add me to the list of people that is completely surprised with Chris Hogan’s performance thus far.  I know a lot of people loved Hogan for his catchy “7/11″ nickname but this time last year I was actually not a fan of him.  It wasn’t so much him that I had a problem with, it was his comparison to Wes Welker (because he’s white?) that just had me annoyed.

Mayhem Monday: Raul Bon Jovi

I went to the Hall of fame induction of Andre Reed with James Kriger from, this big buffalo that stood upright and could speak English and Raul (from earlier this week).  It was so sweet to be there in the presence of greatness and to have him look at us and tell us that we were going to win Mortal Kombat this year if we chose to enter in place of Johnny Cage.  There was a dude there wearing sweet Ray-Ban sunglasses who was pretty jacked.

Aaron Williams a star in the making

When the Bills drafted Aaron Williams in the 2nd round in 2011 out of Texas I had no real expectations. The Bills had been searching for talent in the secondary for years and had numerous swings and misses. Aaron’s first few years were a struggle. He would go on to log 64 tackles and 1 interception in first two years combined. Then in the 2012 off-season Jairus Byrd was a holdout due to stalled contract talks and the Bills found themselves in need of a strong safety. In stepped Aaron and a star was born.

A Birthday Letter To Tom Brady, From Buffalo

Dear Mr. Tom Bündchen: Happy One Year Closer To Retiring Day! (But really, who’s counting?) We heard through the grapevine that Hernandez is going to throw a killer birthday party for you today. We’re really sorry we won’t be able to make it, but we thought maybe BeliCheat wouldn’t mind videotaping some of it for us?

Nigel Bradham’s Suspension… Really?

Listen, you’re not going to hear anything about Ray Rice, Josh Gordon, Brandon Marshall or Justin Blackmon out of me in this particular post.  I want to talk about one of the most absurd suspensions we have seen in the National Football League, which is the recent one game suspension of Nigel Bradham.

Andre Reed says “F*ck Bon Jovi” and so do I…

Buffalo Bills legend Andre Reed isn’t just sitting around quietly and patiently awaiting his induction into the NFL Hall of Fame this weekend, the guy still has plenty to say about whats going on in football these days and is by no means about to sugar coat his opinions.

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