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Duke Williams’ DMs to Mia Khalifa Were Justified Because Women are Mean

Buffalo sports got a ton of national attention this week.  Being lost in the story of our offensive line coach punching some kid is my favorite story of the week;  Duke Williams’ leaked DMs to Mia Khalifa.

The Chronicles of Kromer: Beach-side beatings for children

I would like to invite you all to listen to a dark and twisted story, a story of the devil himself who disguises himself as an offensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills. So please sit back and prepare yourself for what you are about to hear.

Mike Rodak Out-Tools Himself

Mike Rodak is a complete tool.  Out of the countless amounts of articles and tweets about how awful this particular douche-bag is, there was a tweet that was sent today that really irked me as a fan of the Buffalo Bills.

Ronald Darby ‘under fire’ for sticking up for an assault victim

The Bills first draft pick this year (2nd round, 50th overall) Ronald Darby has managed to create quite a fuss over what he had to say about FSU Quarterback De’Andre Johnson punching a “lady” at a bar in Tallahassee last month. If you haven’t seen the video of the incident then I recommend you do so now, and take notes because there will be a quiz later…

The ‘Finger Painter’ Matt Schreiner answers to scamming cancer patients

I am going to do my best to keep my composure here as I explain the extraordinarily low things some people will do to get ahead in life, but that is most certainly going to prove to be quite difficult. We Bills fans are no strangers to scam artist and other low lifes that infect our inner circles in an attempt to exploit our kind hearts and generosity. We here at Buffalo Bruises have brought to light some pretty shitty people who have wormed their way into our community, but nothing might be quite as bad as the person I am about to tell you about. Now I say that knowing fully well that peoples feelings about the level of scumbag someone is depends on your personal views on life, but for me scamming cancer patients tops the god damn list.

Theatre Thursday: Hambone and Hillie

t’s been quite a while, but here at we like to provide our audience with as much high level football related content as possible.  There is no better way to do that than to do a thorough review of all of O.J. Simpson’s movies.  I will dissect a feature film, then based on what O.J.’s character does in the movie, decide if O.J. Simpson was guilty or not guilty in real life.  If you’re not familiar with these, check out The Cassandra Crossing or Capricorn One.

Elite QB’s don’t grow on trees but franchise QB’s aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

All through Mini-Camps and OTA’s all I’ve heard from the media covering the Buffalo Bills is, which QB is going to win the starting job? All three QB’s in this race have just as good a chance to be the starter but no one thinks they are franchise quarterbacks. But then I got to thinking, what is a franchise quarterback?

This Jets fan’s Tom Brady Deflate-gate meme’s are absolutely hilarious (NSFW)

It should come to no surprise that the whole Deflate-gate scandal is something that fans of teams all around the NFL have jumped on top of in a means to have their fun poking at the now infamous cheaters of the league. There have been countless meme’s and parody videos made about the fact that the New England Patriots are now by far the biggest cheaters of perhaps any professional sport.

Campaign started to raise money for charity by showing how much you hate the Patriots

Those who read my recent article titled Looking deeper into the pure stupidity of Patriots fansknows that I was appalled and disgusted with the Patriots fans raising money for the $1 million fine handed to them by the league. Not only are they raising money to give it to a god damn billionaire, but at the same time they are showing their support for cheating and everything wrong with the game.

One Patriots Fan Beautifully Sums Them Up

I spent 15 minutes of my morning going through the hashtag #FreeTomBrady. There is a lot of hilarious stuff in there, mainly everyone that is a fan of the Patriots making a fool of themselves.

Evidence points towards Patriots deflating balls since Spygate

Take one look around the internet while reading up on the recent deflate-gate news out there and it wont take you long to find some delusional Patriots fan shouting senselessly about how we “hate them cause we aint them” or how “they scored more points against the Colts with properly inflated balls, so it doesn’t matter”. Those two statements are by far the most popular arguments that Patriots fans are littering the internet with, both of which are just flat out stupid on levels beyond belief.

Will the Patriots Deflate-gate punishment be fair? Probably not

With a decision looming for Tom Terrific, the NFL is seemingly in a no win situation. All of the fans (especially in Buffalo) want to see Brady gone the whole year, if not then at least 8 games. Everyone in New England will be pissed off anyway no matter what happens unless no punishment is handed down (very unlikely).