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Kyle Johnson returns to set the record straight

For those of you that are unaware of who Kyle Johnson is, he is supposedly a 14 year old kid who I got the pleasure of being introduced to because he was randomly messaging people in Bills groups asking for money. His story was that he and his family were stranded 2 hours away from home and they were living out of their car, they needed your help… $30 for gas $30 for food. For over two weeks the Johnson’s were stranded just 2 hours away from home, even after talking to people that actually sent them money, Kyle still persistently messaged people asking them for money.

Tweet to Buffalo sports anchor Tom Martin exposes crowdfunding scammer

Forget about the fact that the Bills had just a 7% chance of making the playoffs before heading into their game against the Redskins last week, it was still a chance. For a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in this long that 7% chance at least gave us some sort of hope, at least some reason to keep our eyebrow raised. When the Bills seemingly pissed that game away in an almost embarrassing fashion it should come to no surprise that the fans were not amused, honestly not many could blame the fans for venting their anger or frustration about it either.

My never ending fight for the good honest fans of Buffalo

Those of you that follow what I have done here at Buffalo Bruises know that I am more than passionate about cleaning up the fan base here in Buffalo and holding people accountable for their actions through absolute clarity. Before I started this blog I wrote about the Bills for several different websites, that very quickly led to me taking over  the managing editor duties of Cover32’s Bills page. I enjoyed that job too, mainly because it involved reading articles about the Bills that I otherwise would probably never read and getting different views of the team was always really interesting to me. We have some VERY passionate fans in Buffalo and having to regularly communicate with them and edit their articles was something I enjoyed more than anything.

EJ Manuel blasted with horrible hate Tweets after loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars

So most Bills fans are not in the best mood right now after losing by 3 points to the Jacksonville Jagaurs. The final score of 34-31 really doesn’t properly represent the absolute shit show that the EJ Manuel led Bills put on this week and even considering everything that went wrong for us,  we still had a chance to win or tie the game with a 2 minute drive.

The NFL Really Wants A Team In London, Doesn’t Mean They Should Get One

For all of you NFL fans out there you can see the success of teams playing a regular season game in London, England. I mean, ratings are up, the games sell out and this season there is 3 games being played there. The New York Jets vs. Miami, Buffalo vs. Jacksonville and Detroit vs. Kansas City. Jacksonville will continue to play a game in London every season over the next few years. This trend shows you just how much the NFL loves money.

Keys to Beating the Patriots

The Patriots didn’t beat the Steelers last weekend. The Steelers beat themselves by blowing assignments, coverages, missing two field goals, a toe out of bounds and leaving the only player to fear on the Pat’s offense besides Brady wide open countless times. This is hilarious to me because it’s not like you can’t see “Gronk”, he has a large frame, is 6ft 6 inches tall, and weighs 265. That man is a mountain.

Aidan Kearney of Turtleboy Sports threatening defamation suit for exposing him

Where do we begin? My original plan for this article was slightly different when I woke up this morning, but then I received a picture text in the afternoon that has altered how this article will eventually unfold. So on top of the original plan for this article which is showing Aidan Kearney’s actual involvement with Turtleboy Sports, I’ll also be filling you in on a little something that has been going on behind the scenes of this story. First lets get to that picture text I received, here take a look…

A Thank You to Everyone

A little over a year and a half ago I took to Twitter with some drawings.  I live by a code, ABG – Always Be Gimmicking.  I started tweeting these hilariously bad drawings at Buffalo Bills players and it gained the attention of the #BillsMafia.  One writer in particular saw the humor in what I was doing and decided to dedicate an article to me as his “Dumb Tweet of the Week” column on

Is Turtleboy Sports and Dubsism blogger “J-Dub” pretending to be black?

Those of you that follow our Facebook page have more than likely seen that my coverage of Turtleboy Sports has led to a few trolls commenting and posting on our page, which is more than welcomed by me, I find it to be entertaining and at least somebody out there is making use of the page. Well a few day’s ago one of these trolls who I hadn’t seen in while posted on our page, and this is what he had to say…

A more honest interpretation of Tom Brady’s Facebook statement on deflate gate

By now, you have all been aware of the garbage that Mr. Brady has placed upon his Facebook page trying to pander to his fanbase and anyone else who will listen to proclaim his innocence in the matter of what transpired with deflated footballs in January. However, if you are having trouble deciphering what he said, allow me to interpret what he really means in his post.

Was Aidan Kearney from Turtleboy Sports molested by James Kriger?

Where do I begin? I was planning on writing my next article about Aidan Kearney’s involvement with sexually harassing a young female Bills fans at Ralph Wilson stadium last year, you remember him? The one that urned out to be a high school teacher? The one who’s victim gave a detailed explanation of his actions?  Yeah well it turns out he’s had all sorts of excuses since then as to how he wasn’t even involved and has even claimed that I just made the whole thing up.