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Some REAL Buffalo Bruises in camp fight? (Video)

Some REAL Buffalo Bruises in camp fight

As you’ve probably seen there was a fight at today’s training camp. Some guy named Bryan Johnson got into a scuffle with Eric Wood, tore off Wood’s helmet and started throwing punches.

As it was broken up Chandler went after Johnson and the two of them were pulled apart.

Obviously we don’t want to see fighting among players, but I have no idea who Bryan Johnson is (apparently he’s a DE), so I don’t really count this as a fight between players. I have been a hockey player for 20 years, so I probably have a different opinion about fighting than most football fans, but what Scott Chandler did stepping in and defending his star Center shows that this team is different than teams of the past. Chandler basically said “F*ck you buddy, that’s OUR Center” and stepped up and fought. In layman’s terms, Scott Chandler is now our Rob Ray.

Love to see the fire in the players eyes and I love to see the team rising to the occasion and playing as one.

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