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Please share this with anyone going to the Buffalo Bills game

Please share this with anyone going to the Buffalo Bills game

In the NFL playing at home can be an incredible advantage for a team, it can also have the opposite effect if fans don’t know how to shut the f*ck up when their team has the ball. When the opposing team has the ball then that is the time to get loud and on every down your sole job is to make the visiting team unable to communicate with each other. You need to make your best effort to make their call to snap the ball inaudible.

When your team has the ball however there should be nothing but silence before the snap, if you make that first down or score a touchdown then by all means go crazy, but when your team is in the huddle or lined up to take the snap and you are shouting like a maniac, well then I’m afraid you are defeating the whole purpose of your home field advantage.

Buffalo is actually a really tough place to teach this lesson to because most of us are so god damn hammered by kick-off that most of us don’t actually know who even has the ball, so our shouting, screaming and good hearted cheering is pretty much non-stop. Whether the Bills just intercepted the ball or we are telling our friends we have to take a piss, our vocal range and level of excitement has virtually no difference what so ever.  We are excited though and we want to show that excitement, except its coming off all wrong.

Our very own Mike Guittar (follow him right now @GdoubleT) recently went to the last home game against the Chargers and couldn’t help but come away from that experience a little frustrated at how the “home field advantage” came across.  In that article he very accurately questioned the football IQ of his fellow fans,  as they cheered like crazy while we were on 3rd and long  and sat absolutely silent as the Chargers went for it on third down is absolutely maddening. What is the point of having home field advantage if the fans are going to make it like a home game for the visiting team?

This whole scenario is completely unacceptable, especially this week as we try to maintain first place in the AFC East against our most hated division rival the New England Patriots. We need ALL fans to be on the same page here and create as much noise as possible while the Patriots have the ball, and we need complete silence while we have the ball so our players can properly communicate with one another. The fact that I even have to write this is just so insanely ridiculous that I want to punch myself repeatedly in the balls because I even have to say it.

There are two very simple rules when it comes to home field advantage:

1. We need noise when the opponent has the ball

2. We need silence when we have the ball.

We can absolutely cheer when we make big plays, but when our players get in the huddle or line up to snap the ball you all need to shut the f*ck up so our offense can clearly hear everything the signal caller is saying. The games can get pretty intense, especially when you have been funneling beers since 9 a.m. but you all need to maintain more control of your awareness of whats happening in the game. If you just use the time that the Bills have the ball to save your energy so you can go absolutely crazy while our opponent has the ball then you would of done this team a great service. Keep your wits about you Bills fans and lets make this a truly horrendous place for a team to come play.

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