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Scam artist targeting Buffalo Bills fans seems to be a family affair

Scam artist targeting Buffalo Bills fans seems to be a family affair

Over the past few weeks Buffalo Bills fans have been the target of scam artist, a very smooth talking scam artist that has damn near mastered the art of convincing people that they are the only one that can help him and his family. You may have seen our recent article on the 14 yr old scam artist named Kyle Johnson who has been messaging Bills fans on facebook asking for money, or chances are you got a message from him yourself saying him and his family are stranded hours away from home and they need money for gas and food. Turns out the real scam artist is his father Robert Johnson, as you’ll find out Kyle is either being trained to scam people by his father or its actually Robert Johnson himself doing the work. Either way he is absolutely pulling all the strings on this puppet.

When the situation first came to my attention it was very apparent that it was a scam through and through. Between him only being able to accept Western Union money transfers (the preferred method of receiving money for scam artist around the world), along with him saying that he and his family have been stranded 2 hours away from home for over a week, nothing at all seemed legit with his story.

So I went ahead and wrote an article to warn Bills fans around the world about what was going on, and in typical Bruises fashion I called him every nasty name in the book. I mean I really went to town on this kid in the worst possible way and the main reason I did that was because I wanted the attention and reaction of him and his family.

I was honestly hoping that I would get that reaction and find out that these people were indeed legitimately looking for good honest help, I was hoping to get a reason to take down the article in which I said such horrible things about this 14 year old kid. Let me tell you how that didn’t happen, I mean I got a reaction from Kyle and his family alright, but it only confirmed to me that they were up to absolutely no good.

The first response was from Kyle’s sister on the Buffalo Bruises facebook page in the comment section of where we posted the article. Now I posted this article late Sunday evening, so you can imagine my surprise when at 9am on Monday I had already received a response from the 15 year old sister of Kyle…

Now understanding the situation this response seemed fairly reasonable, but something just didn’t seem right about it. There was nothing about her and her family actually needing help, nothing about how I’m wrong in what I wrote, just really kind of trying to guilt us for the mean things I had said. I also found it a little odd that out of all the things she should of been saying to us, she chose to inform us of her idea on what a “scam” really is. Seems like a typical response from a 15 year old sister who just had her little brothers shit falsely smeared all over the internet, right?

Lets move on shall we? Almost 5 hours later I received this private message from Kyle himself…

I am at this point confused as all hell, this is not at all the reaction of a innocent 14 year old boy who just had me run his name into the ground beyond repair. It is without a doubt extremely important to note him saying that somebody hacked him, this is something I touched on in my previous article and it is still something that actually has a lot of people convinced that he really is an innocent 14 year old boy and not a scam artist in training. There is however one HUGE piece of that puzzle that everyone is missing, lets say that Kyle did in fact get hacked and this was all the work of the “hacker”, then why the hell is the “hacker” asking people to send money to his father Robert Johnson? I mean I seriously feel like I’m taking crazy pills over here, this shit is right in front of your face and nobody is even looking at it!!!! You guy’s might be right though, it might be just a friendly hacker looking out for the families of his/her victims.

Anyways, I took one look at this message and I was not at all buying anything he was saying, I figured since I had his attention I would try to better understand all the conversations I seen him take part of in the past week and asked him why he seemed to randomly ask for different amounts of money depending on who he was talking to. The response I received was nothing what I was expecting…

I have to admit, this response had me wondering for a brief moment whether or not I had everything right. Then roughly 3 seconds later I thought to myself “bullshit, bet if this goes to court my lawyer would have a field day with Kyle’s Facebook log”. What Kyle’s mother obviously doesn’t understand is that even if you delete every single thing you have ever posted or messaged on Facebook, they keep a log of it and have it all on hand and available upon request. I would absolutely love a peak inside of what has been going on through that account and I was quite comfortable with the idea of going to court over this situation given the things I seen from this kid and what he was doing, but before I could even really process those thoughts I got another message from Kyle’s mother.

Before I display the next message I received from “Kyle’s mother” I need to tell you that it was a complete jumbled mess that was very apparently copied and pasted together. It came through my end as roughly a 10 page response with whole paragraphs completely repeated throughout it. The kicker for me was at the end when they even included the Microsoft legal information in their copy and paste bullshit…

I mean are you seriously expecting me to take this shit seriously? Why the hell does Kyle’s mother even have anything like this on hand to copy and paste? It was literally sent roughly 2 minutes after the last response, and there is no way all of that was typed in a 2 minute span. It really forced me to think about what is was actually going on here.

As a result of this message I had to spend the rest of my day at work wondering what the hell these people are trying to accomplish by telling me this weird bullshit. Nothing about this response made any sense to me, the mother again seemed to be trying to guilt me about their situation when she should of been demanding I remove the dirty lies about her son from my website. Instead she just rambles on about where she’s from while at the same time appearing quite bitter about the amount of money Darryl Talley raised from fans without him even asking for it. Its also important to note that at one point she says “HE THOUGHT IF A COUPLE OF HIS FRIENDS OR PEOPLE HE KNEW ON FACE SENT 30.00, WE WOULD HAVE ENOUGH TO GET BACK TO VIRGINIA TO GET MY HUSBANDS LAST CHECK AND VACATION CHECK. OUR THINGS GOT AS FAR A SOUTH CAROLINA”, that is honestly something you are going to want to come back to after we get into the real meat and bones of this story. Also it should be noted that I was the only one I know of that got the crippled 3 year old with a feeding tube story.

I have to say, as a result of the responses I received I went home more determined than ever to expose these people for the lying scumbag scam artist that they were. When I got home I discovered another response from one of Kyle’s twitter accounts. The tweet he sent me was deleted shortly after he sent it to me but because I leave my pc running all day with a twitter notification tab open while I’m at work I still get everything that is tweeted at me, whether its deleted immediately or not…

I completely understand being called a loser and a faggot after the terrible things I said about this kid, but that was all he had to say? He had no interest in claiming his innocence or pointing out that he was just looking out for his family? ‘Loser and faggot’ is the best you have to defend yourself for what I just said about you? And you deleted it after sending it? Well, you and your family certainly have my full attention more than ever now.

After getting these responses from 3 of the 5 members of his family I thought for sure that he would stop messaging random Bills fans on Facebook asking for money, boy was I wrong. At the same time that I discovered Kyle’s tweet I also checked my Facebook messages to find this in my inbox with a few screen shots of Kyle still hard at work asking Bills fans for money…

As I talked to people about about what was going on I found out that numerous people were indeed still being contacted by Kyle Johnson with the same story, him and his family were still stranded 2 hours away from home and they desperately needed $30 for gas and $30 for food and you are the ONLY person that can help them. Only this time he was forcing into the conversation that people are saying he is scamming them, which is exactly what he was doing. I really couldn’t believe it, the only thing I could conclude was that this scam was so successful that they just really didn’t want to give it up, even when they know an article was published about what they were doing.

Kyle had contacted so many Bills fans who were members of a particular Bills Facebook page that it was the only thing anyone in the group was talking about that Monday evening. It also became a controversial subject because there were naturally a few people who believed that this kid and his family actually needed help. While 95% of people fully understood it was a complete scam, you still had a few generous and kind hearted people that refused to believe that someone would make up a such a terrible story just to get money from people…

This post sparked quite the debate and chaos quickly ensued, so the admins on that page decided to delete all post about him and ban any future post about the fact that this person was targeting the members of their group. You should already know that I was not at all a fan of this decision, I wanted all the info I could get on this situation and deleting all of the threads where people are actually sharing their stories about it was really the last thing I wanted to happen.

You should take note that Kyle’s father told this person on the phone that they have been living in their vehicle since they got to Atlanta and will be living in their car until he can start his job the next week. Along with that he is expecting reimbursement from his job in two weeks, even though Kyles mother just told me they need to go back to Virginia to get his last check and his vacation check, but we’ll get back to that in a bit.

For the next 24 hours I scurried to get as much information from the people who had dealt with Kyle Johnson, as I talked to as many people as possible about what was going on I was introduced to Joe Signore, a Bills fan who was just as passionate about getting to the bottom of this situation as I was. Unbeknownst to me Joe was actually working on getting to the bottom of all this at the same time I was, so when we started talking we both had plenty of information to share, and it all added up to a whole world of lies and deception on levels neither of us would never fully understand.

Over the next few days we looked into every little thing we could possibly find out about the whole family as we compared notes. By Wednesday we learned that he had also contacted members of Cowboy’s, Lions and Raiders groups with the same story, we also learned that he was now telling people that they also needed money for diapers for his 3 year old brother. At about the same time we found out these things Joe actually contacted Kyle and his father. Kyle naturally took absolutely no time whatsoever before he asked Joe to send him money, and he was quite honestly very pushy about it. Robert Johnson however was a completely different story, after talking to Robert on the phone this what Joe had to say…

Now lets forget about the fact that Kyle has been trying to get money from hundreds if not thousands of people under the impression that they have been living in their car this whole time. Lets take a closer look at the actual story where they have relocated from South Carolina, while the earlier post from the person who talked to Robert on the phone said they relocated from Ohio. Then you have the whole matter of Kyle’s mother telling me that they are trying to get back to Virginia, so when I put all these pieces together I was so god damn lost I didn’t even know what to do next. The whole thing with Kyle having an Ipad really threw me off too, because when news first broke of this scam Kyle’s story was that he was texting with his friends phone and his friend wouldn’t let him sell it for the money he needed, then that changed to he had his own galaxy s3, now I’m finding out he has an ipad.

We also get confirmation that they were never stranded 2 hours away from home for two weeks and forced to live in their car, and nobody needs money for diapers because nobody is even wearing them. The whole situation with his check completely changed as well, now its a relocation check and they don’t have to go back to Virginia to get it.

Later that very night this conversation took place with Kyle being the messages coming from the left…

After all of the people who Kyle told that his father would pay them back on the ever changing dates he has given out over the past two weeks he sure seems pretty clueless about him actually getting paid now. Then he says that he thinks that somebody is pretending to be him online, which is really generous of whoever that is since that person is asking people to Western Union money to his father. In that same conversation Kyle also stated that he had no idea where his dad worked, and he said that he didn’t even know where his father was and that he was out driving around. Me and Joe were obviously a little confused by this and couldn’t get over the fact that these people are homeless with no money for gas but Robert is just out driving around at 9 p.m. on a Wednesday while the rest of the family has no idea where he is.

Me and Joe quickly found out which hotel they were staying at, so we did what anyone would do after that, we called the god damn hotel. After asking for Robert Johnson, sure enough I was transferred to a room where a small child answered, after saying hello to one another several times a middle aged woman got on the phone and demanded to know who I was. I told her “I have a friend that wants to get you and your family something to eat” and in a response I did not at all see coming she yelled back at me “you’re not even telling me who this is!” and then she hung up on me. All I could think was ‘bitch, you only let me say one thing!”. That was not the reaction of somebody who is in desperate need of help and who’s family is hungry, that was the reaction of someone who is up to no good.

After me and Joe discussed what took place it was getting pretty late and I had to be up early for work, but I told him I would call back the next day after I got out of work and explain who I was and that I wanted to help. I already knew how that was going to go though, when I got out of work I called the hotel back and asked for Robert Johnson only to find out that they checked out that day. Where did they go you might ask? Oh just about 40 minutes north to Deluth so they can stay in a hotel up there. Now if that doesn’t scream that something isn’t quite right here, I don’t know what will. Actually I do, because remarkably this story is just beginning.

After finding out that they checked out of their hotel and before we found out they bolted to Deluth I decided that I was going to call Robert Johnson myself and see if I could get him to just talk for a little bit. Turns out I was more than able to get him to talk for just a bit as we ended up talking for over a half hour. What I found was there was a good reason why Robert Johnson invited people to call and talk to him, because he is such a smooth god damn talker he literally makes you believe he is just an innocent guy and somehow manages to make you relate to what he is going through. That my friends is what makes a good scam artist, someone that can talk and bring you into their world. Little did Robert know I can get people like him to just talk and slowly poke holes into his own story. And for those of you that were hoping you could hear our conversation you are in luck because I recently started recording all of my phone calls. Lucky for us I am in New York and he was in Georgia, which are both states that only require one party of the conversation to consent to recording to make it completely legal…

Now there is honestly a lot of shit from that conversation that is worth noting, when he starts talking about where he was coming from he says that he went to South Carolina about 6 weeks ago, and that after a week his 15 year old daughter told him it just wasn’t going to work out there, he then says that she didn’t tell him exactly why but still decided to take her word for it and hightailed it out of there to make her happy. But perhaps the most interesting thing to me personally is when he says that someone tricked his son into sending them a picture and then wrote a article about it, because I’m the only one that wrote an article about his son and I took that picture straight from one of his many Facebook profiles. We really need to listen to what this guy is saying because if you listen closely none of what he says is making any sense whatsoever. He rambles senselessly while seemingly feeding off the fact that I seem to believe what he is saying. He even tells me at one point that he told his son that he was going to ‘take over this thing’ which makes me believe that Kyle learned this behavior from somebody very close to him. If you have been following the actions of his son since this whole story broke loose then you would know that Kyle Johnson has not at all missed a god damn step in trying to get money from people. For that matter though, neither has Robert Johnson.

After I talked to Robert on the phone I started getting text messages from him, the best part about it was my partner in all this Joe Signore was also getting text messages from him at the same time. For the next week me and Joe texted Robert while he gave us both different stories at the exact same time. While me and Joe were in constant communication and sharing our conversations with Robert it became quite clear that he was full of shit on so many level’s we simply could not just ignore what was happening. He would tell me that that him and his family had not eaten since the previous day, while at the exact same time he would tell Joe they had not eaten for 3 days. He would just randomly text us the same things during the same time-frame and he started playing the sympathy card like I’ve never seen anyone play it before in my life and that is where he’s at as we speak.

The thing you need to understand, and this goes for Kyle and Robert Johnson if you are reading this, is that over the past two weeks me and Joe have collected so much shit about whats going on here I cant even fit a quarter of it into this article. I’m nearing 4,000 words and I haven’t even been able to fully explain half of what I want to because there is just too much bullshit to cover.

There are however two things I need to absolutely cover before ending this piece. The first being the long trail of online activity we discovered coming from Kyle Johnson. For a 14 year old kid he sure seems to be up to some very strange activity, he has numerous Facebook and twitter accounts and as you can see he follows almost all of them…

Its not just a coincidence that all of those people are named Kyle Johnson, all of those Kyle Johnson profiles are actually his. And those aren’t even all of the Facebook accounts of his out there, those are just the ones he actually follows back with that particular account.

Twitter? Oh yeah, he has a ton of those accounts too!! These were the followers found on one of Robert Johnsons twitter accounts and it should be noted the first follower named Lilly has the name @nfljohnsonkyle…

The thing is that when you look into the activity of these profiles you really don’t get the sense its the activity of a 14 year old boy. All actions on the Kyle Johnson feeds lead me to believe that its actually the work of someone much older, perhaps the work of his father? That would certainly explain why one of the profiles says Kyle Johnson was born in 1975…

Is everything adding up yet? Good, because we still have some more to go! Joe Signore actually managed to get ahold of a few friends and family members of these people, what we found out from those conversation was exactly what we thought from the beginning. The first person to respond told Joe that Kyle had contacted them a few years ago with the same story.

The second person to get back to Joe was a family member who had much more detailed stories of how Robert Johnson had tried scamming them in the past. Now we gave our word to that person that we wouldn’t get them involved in this situation and as a result I can not tell you exactly how Robert tried to scam them without revealing who it was who gave us this information, but I can tell you it was dirty. The information we received was that Robert Johnson is 100% a complete scam artist who doesn’t give a shit about anybody but himself.

We also learned that a gofundme page that we found on Roberts wife’s facebook page Elizabeth Johnson for their 3 year old son, which led to an invalid link was apparently a scam itself. We were told “the kid is sick but not that sick, never been hospitalized, the gofundme was a big scam”

I have no doubt in my mind that Kyle Johnson has learned everything he knows from his father, and that his father guiding him along every part the way. I mean you don’t message hundreds of random people on Facebook and ask them to wire money to your father without him knowing anything about it.

I feel its important to note the level the lies Robert Johnson is willing to sink to in order to get money from you. Recently as he was telling me how hungry him and his family was I asked him if he looked into any of the local food pantries. What he told me made me wish he was in front of me so I could strangle the f*ck out of him. he told me, and I quote “I did. But all they have is food that has to be cooked. And I have no more gas in my car”. Now this guy is taking me for a real idiot, because if you know anything about food pantries they deal with non-perishable foods, not frozen meats and shit. I think the best response was from Joe who said to me “here you go homeless guy, go find a stove”.

It should also be noted that I gave him the number to a local Salvation army shelter, he replied back to me shortly after even though the number was busy all night(I tried calling it for a half hour before I gave it to him and for hours after only to get a busy signal) that they would take his wife and kids but not accept him. He then told me that his kids wouldn’t leave him so that wasn’t an option. Then he proceeded to send me messages about how his baby is screaming, his wife is crying and they are helpless. So I called the same shelter I gave him the number to the very next day and they told me that they wouldn’t have refused the father from joining his family in seeking shelter.

If you honestly made it all the way through this treacherously long article about these complete scumbags, do everyone a favor and look into these guy’s with all of the resources you have available. These are the scum of the earth who ruin it for good honest families who actually need good honest help. There are still people out there who are good and honest who actually deserve some help, just they are not those people.

Since this whole article has been filled with the terrible actions of the horrible people out there in this world, I thought it would be fitting to end on a good note. Here is the gofundme Kyle Johnson set up yesterday.

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