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Scam artist targeting Buffalo Bills fans on Facebook is a little chubby fat kid?

Scam artist targeting Buffalo Bills fans on Facebook is a little chubby fat kid

For the past week or so there has been a scam artist targeting Bills fans on facebook, Kyle Johnson who appears to be a 13 year old boy has been friending and messaging Bills fans asking them for money. There have been multiple facebook post warning to block and report the little fat shit but for some reason he’s still messaging people asking for money with the same bullshit story. Here are screen shots from three different people he has contacted recently…

Apparently Kyle Johnson and his father are just 2 hours from home and they have been stranded there for well over a week. If you notice the amount of money they are looking for seems to be completely random too. Now I’m pissed! He is going to target all of the members of the #Bills4Life page and not even have the decency to keep his story straight?

There are a few things about this whole situation that doesn’t sit well with me. First is the fact that he was recently being defended by someone saying that his account was hacked, but in the strangest twist I may have ever seen Kyle Johnson himself denied that happened with this status update…

From what I gather talking to the people who say they have been contacted by this little shit head, he is working this thing hard. He’s sending pictures of his family and crying that he is going to have to sleep in his dads car if he doesn’t get whatever amount of money he makes up at the time.

It should also be noted that Kyle Johnson has two facebook profiles, the second one has the exact some profile picture that is featured in the news feed of the first one…

That’s your little scam artist right there, but is it really? What 13 year old boy has two facebook accounts and actively uses both of them? Doing a little research you find out he is apparently from Virginia. You know who else is from Virginia? Pierre Gabbart. Do you know who else is known for scamming people? That’s right, Pierre Gabbart!

For those of you that don’t know, Pierre Gabbart runs Bills Fanatics and was recently the topic of a not so kind article I published called ‘Bills Fanatics’ attempts to give Buffalo Bruises a time-out.Since that article published Pierre Gabbart changed the logo to his group and that group doesn’t seem to be quite as popular as it once was.

Although I can’t prove that Pierre is behind this scam I truly believe that he is. He has a bitter past with this Bills group and has been known to scam people in the past, it all just reeks to high hell like his work. He’s not being accused because he’s known as being a good honest person in this world. He’s a slime ball that wants to use the passion and loyalty of the Bills fan base for his own personal gain, that’s just something I’ll never agree with.

Regardless of whether or not its Pierre or actually a little fat white kid, it has to stop and the public needs to be informed of what is going on here. It’s so stupid because there are actually kids out there that really need a couple bucks so they don’t have to sleep on the street and this person is making people wary of helping people that actually need it.

I’m absolutely disgusted by this whole situation, these are exactly the kind of people that make this world a terrible place. If we can just eliminate them one by one then we will all be in a better place.

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