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Sabres put an end to scaring the shit out of everyone looking to tank for the top pick

Sabres put an end to scaring the shit out of everyone looking to tank for the top pick

If  you are a true fan of the Sabres who has been following the team heavily for the past 20 years then you undoubtedly understand that our best chance at becoming a team worthy of coming anywhere close to a stanely cup is to completely ass-out this season for the opportunity to draft the best talent available in this years draft.

The “tank for McDavid” chant hits nowhere closer to home than with the Buffalo Sabres, they have been working towards this goal harder than any other team in the NHL the past few years, and the Sabres have been putting all of their chips in on the chance they will be landing either McDavid or the next best thing in Eichel. The Sabres have been hand grooming their prospects and free agent signings to completely accommodate a future hall of famer such as “McEichel” and all was going well until the Sabres traded Tyler Myers and Drew Stafford for Zach Bogosian and Evander Kane.

It was a move to deplete our roster even further and ensure we remain at the bottom of the league due to the lack of talent on the roster. I have to admit that when I first heard about the trade and realized that Kane wouldn’t hit the ice until next season I was somewhat relieved and automatically assumed we were losing every game for the rest of the season. What I failed to realize however was how much more of a man Zach Bogosian was than Tyler Myers and how that little bit of masculinity can completely turn around a team.

And that is exactly what happened, since the trade the Sabres suffered two consecutive one goal losses (one in a shootout) and actually won a game in Philadelphia before finally losing a game in a definate 3-1 loss to the Rangers.

I don’t care what you say, Zach Bogosian has added life to this otherwise dismal Sabres team and has them all fired up with his hard hitting and hard work ethic. The problem is that its honestly the last thing we need right now. I understand you want to come onto a team an prove your worth, but when that worth means we will potentially lose the top pick in this years draft then you need to shut the down immediately.

Seriously, do you want to be guaranteed the 2nd overall pick and at least draft Eichel, or do you want to win a few meaningless games while knowing you wont come anywhere close to the playoffs and end up drafting 5th overall?

Not to mention Neuvirth has been on a god damn hot streak up until tonight, Bogosian has been laying people out left and right and its all been adding up to the Sabres f*uking up everything we been working so hard towards for the past few years.

You honestly have to think, as much as you love watching this team win, we are nowhere close to even making the playoffs, so why in the world would we want to win anymore games and ruin our chances of landing a god damn superstar? With this thought in mind you also have to consider the other top picks we have drafted in the past few seasons and how everything we have done has been to accommodate a NHL superstar. You do realize that Sam Reinhart was drafted to feed pucks to our future hall of fame superstar right?

Look I’m a fair man, but I also understand that we are not making the playoffs this year and to win anymore games and ruin our chances of drafting a future NHL superstar is just god damn retarded when you are sitting in last place this late into the season. Shut the whole system down for the rest of the season Sabres because I honestly don’t want to see you win another game this year.

Quit the shit and lose out if you really want to keep us true fans on board. Lets Go Buffalo!!!

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