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Ronald Darby ‘under fire’ for sticking up for an assault victim

Ronald Darby under fire for sticking up for an assault victim

The Bills first draft pick this year (2nd round, 50th overall) Ronald Darby has managed to create quite a fuss over what he had to say about FSU Quarterback De’Andre Johnson punching a “lady” at a bar in Tallahassee last month. If you haven’t seen the video of the incident then I recommend you do so now, and take notes because there will be a quiz later…

Now if you just watch the video once without taking note of every single step leading to Johnson clocking this girl in the face then itseasy to call him a monster and shout out in disgust about his deplorable actions. But if you watch the video a few more times and track every single movement that led to this outcome then you clearly see De’Andre Johnson defending himself against a hostile and threatening individual. I absolutely agree that you should never hit a lady, but make no mistake, this is no lady he was dealing with. This was an irate lunatic who not only threatened bodily harm with her body language, but also acted upon those threats and struck Johnson with a knee to his body and a punch to his face before he retaliated.

It’s also important to take note of how this all started, both Johnson and Wonder Woman approach the bar at the same time, Wonder Woman cuts in front of him and attempts to squeeze him out from gaining access to the bar. Now It is unclear why she did this but it is apparent that she was very determined to cause problems for Johnson, further evidence is her actions when he attempts to squeeze through anyways and she leans back to tell him something that looked very friendly, I imagine that she said something along the lines of “oh my goodness, I’m so sorry good sir! allow me to assist you in your journey to this bar”.  I can only assume that is what she said as her next course of action was to keep moving left while pushing him away from the bar. When Johnson managed to successfully get through she immediately turns her body and shows Johnson that she has a fist, it is at this point I picture her saying “I have a sock puppet and kids find it adorable!”. That is when Johnson grabs Wonder Woman’s fist and probably said something like “oh yeah, that looks like a great hand for a sock puppet, we should do a sock puppet show together!!!”

Immediately something goes wrong though, I can only imagine that Wonder Woman is a one woman show and wasn’t about to let anybody take away her spotlight, that is the only reason I could think of for why she then threw a punch at Johnson’s face. It took all of one second for Johnson to realize that if he didn’t do something then children all over the world might not ever experience the joy’s of his sock puppet mastery, so he punched her back, right in her suck hole!

The thing that some people need to understand is that regardless of whether it was about sock puppets or not, Johnson was first threatened with physical violence and then actually physically assaulted moments later as he attempted to restrain his attacker. The people that are making a big deal about this are basically saying that if you have lady bits then you can go around assaulting whoever you want because you are lady. Some of us can understand that there are horrible and violent people both male and female, and if you don’t defend yourself when those people physically attack you then I wish you the best of luck next time some ‘lady’ puts you in the hospital because you were so much of a man that you let her beat you senseless. I’m not saying its OK to just go around knocking out chicks because they irritate you, but when they physically assault you then you have every right to defend yourself against ANYONE who is attacking you.

Ronald Darby obviously watched the same video that I did, and he very apparently paid attention to what happened in it because he came to roughly the same conclusion as I did. And because Darby was capable of fully understanding what he was watching he has now become the enemy for trying to stand up to the ignorance that is surrounding this situation. You assholes attacked Darby relentlessly for speaking the truth because you were incapable of realizing that Johnson was provoked and assaulted. You refuse to understand that the person who assaulted him first got away with illegal and violent behavior because of their gender. Here, take a look at what he tweeted and tell me why he was so wrong after really paying attention to what happened in the video…

Here we have an individual who took the time and effort to examine exactly why Johnson punched Wonder Woman, and he is absolutely right. That girl was out in public starting trouble while threatening and physically assaulting anyone who dared look at her wrong, and she is the victim because somebody defended themselves against her? You got some serious problems if that’s what you are trying to say. Everything about her behavior and body language warned of physical violence, so when you have a violent female assaulting people in public you are supposed to just let her keep going because she is a girl?

Make no mistake about it, its not like Johnson just walked up to her in an elevator and knocked her out. She attacked him, she threw the first punch and because she was not as skilled at fighting as the person she attacked then HE should be punished and not her? I don’t even know what to say to that logic, its just the dumbest thing I may have ever heard.

Ronald Darby had a nice response to everyone getting upset about the logic he was trying to express, its a shame his tweets afterwards aren’t getting more attention because he was absolutely right on the money with these tweets…

And he’s right, where is all this attention when he post something positive? In my eyes his initial tweets were positive, questioning why somebody can get away with assault based on their gender.  He was merely standing up for whats right, he didn’t say it was OK for Johnson to hit Wonder Woman, all he wanted was an explanation for why the person who started the confrontation and initiated the physical violence is being seen as a victim? I fully realize that by defending Johnson and Darby’s reaction there are bound to be plenty of people that will be added to the “I hate James Kriger” list, and I’m fine with that because if you can’t clearly see the awful things that are happening right in front of your face and recognize the fact that bad people can not be dealt with properly in a passive manner, then I encourage you to keep hating me and my absurd logic.

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