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Richie Incognito’s ‘bully’ label is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard

Richie Incognitos bully label is some of the dumbest shit Ive ever heard

Well the NFL world is abuzz right now because the Buffalo Bills have signed suspected NFL “bully” Richie Incognito merely weeks after newly acquired head coach Rex Ryan stated “we are going to build a bully”. Everyone and their cousin is latching on to this statement and signing by taking the easy way out in reporting the story as we actually want to ‘build a bully’ by adding bullies and its stupid!

If you do any actual research into the whole Incognito/Martin situation then you will find that they were actually good friends and that all of the ball busting that good friends do to each other were used against Incognito so Martin could look like a victim. This is honestly a tricky situation for me because I actually came to this conclusion long ago, not just because he is now once again a Buffalo Bill. When the whole situation between Incognito and Martin first developed and it was all over the media, they released the thousand god damn text messages the two had exchanged, after reading every single one of them I realized Incognito was being used as a scapegoat for a player who just couldn’t cut it.

Granted its not the original exchange of text messages I had originally read, but even with the redaction’s you can see HERE that Incognito and Martin were pretty good friends. Scroll right down to the end and you’ll see that Incognito reached out to Martin when this story first broke and asked him what was going on, only to have his good friend ignore him and never answer his text.

If you read their exchange of text messages then you will very clearly see that they were good friends. I can tell you first hand, I don’t share text messages with everyone I work with, but the people I work with that I do text… well the conversations look very similar. We say these things because we know the other person is our friend and they know we are we are just having fun with each other. If at any point that person was to say “hey man, that’s up and I don’t appreciate it” we would be the first to quickly apologize and assure our friend that we didn’t mean it like that , something I’m sure Incognito would of done had he known Martin was actually being tormented by his good friend.

Incognito wasn’t a bully, rather Jonathan Martin was a pussy bitch who needed to blame someone for why he wasn’t talented enough to succeed in the NFL. Like I said earlier, I’ve had a lot of things I’ve wanted to say about this situation for quite some time, but because it didn’t directly affect Buffalo I reasonable couldn’t cover it. I’m a Buffalo sports writer, but now that Incognito is now officially a Buffalo Bill, well now I can finally tell Jonathan Martin what a back stabbing pussy bitch he is.

You tried to ruin a mans career Jonathan Martin, all because you couldn’t make an actual impact in a game if your life depended on it. A man that shared over 1000 text messages with you too! Let me tell you something, someone that isn’t your real friend does NOT share 1,000 text with you, no matter the subject of the ball busting…  that person actually cares about you. Richie Incognito cared about Jonathan Martin and  Martin took everything they went through together and used it against him for his own selfish gain.

You want to make jokes that Rex Ryan is ‘actually building a bully’ then go right ahead, but you look like an ignorant. Incognito made no attempt to bully anyone, and you sorry sacks of shit that latched onto that story only to make him look like a piece of shit should seriously be ashamed of yourselves. I bet all the views and clicks you got were completely worth it, look where it all got you.

I get it though, you have to take the story at hand or else you are a failure at writing, god forbid you do actual research instead of labeling a seemingly innocent man. Sure he made his jokes, same as I make my extremely offensive jokes with my co-workers. But we make these jokes because we trust the person we are saying them to understands the humor, otherwise they would never hear them. Incognito trusted Martin, and Martin collected his trust and tried getting him thrown out of the league. So honestly, who do you want on your team?

Welcome to Buffalo Incognito, I’d love to say I’m giving you a clean slate coming back to Buffalo but the truth is you’ve always had one with me. I did the research from the start and quickly found that you are just one of the guys, now if we could just get the rest of the brainwashed media whores to look at the facts… well that’s a completely different story in itself.

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