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Rex Ryan shows his commitment to Buffalo with tattoo change

Rex Ryan shows his commitment to Buffalo with tattoo change

To say that things are moving fast this off-season for the Buffalo Bills just might be the understatement of the year as they have wasted no time in restructuring almost the entire coaching staff. With Doug Marrone deciding to quit his head coaching job just so he could go job hunting and eventually become an assistant head coach for a far shittier team, the Bills acted quickly and snatched up recently fired Rex Ryan.

Say what you want about Ryan but the man is motivator, for some strange reason this guy gets his players and fans fired up like nothing I’ve ever seen. Talk to the players he has coached and virtually all of them will babble on about what a great coach he is and how much they respect him. That after all is what defines a great head coach, a natural born leader that can motivate his players into giving it their all on any given Sunday. Let the coordinators call the plays, the main guy has to lead his team to victory by giving them the confidence to know that they are just as good if not better than their opponent.

So what happens when your new head coach has a tattoo of his wife in team jersey of a division rival?

That’s right, at some point during his time with the Jets Rex Ryan was for whatever reason convinced that Mark Sanchez was the second coming of Tom Brady and got this fine piece of work done. Now I’m nobody to judge how people express themselves, having a full sleeve and several other tattoo’s myself I completely respect how other people decide to decorate their body. But Ryan obviously seen something in Sanchez that nobody else did because you don’t go and get a tattoo representing a player that’s not even going to be on your team a few years later.

At the same time it should be noted that it was an incredible act in faith and showing his team that he believed in them so much he was willing to  proudly and permanently mark it on his body. How many coaches do you know that have a tattoo representing the team they coach? Go ask Doug Marrone where his Bills tattoo is, or where his Jaguars tat is going. Its the little things like getting an awful tattoo that builds a bond with your players and lets them know that you are there for them.

It should be no surprise to people who know Rex Ryan that one of the first things he did as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills is get the color of the jersey in his tattoo changed to represent his new team…

I mean you cant honestly expect your players to take you with the utmost seriousness when you got tattoo’s of one of your division rivals, especially when you consider you get paid millions of dollars a year and the whole procedure only cost him $80. More importantly though is knowing how serious Ryan is taking something like the color of his tattoo and knowing he is 100% serious and committed to being a Buffalo Bill. Its the little things like showing that you care about us so much that you refuse to walk in front of our team with a tattoo of your wife in Jets jersey.

Kudos Rex Ryan! You haven’t been with us very long and already I adore you. You keep doing the little things and us here in Buffalo will continue to recognize and appreciate it. Lets Go Buffalo!!!!

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