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Rex Ryan is bringing back the fun to Bills football

Rex Ryan is bringing back the fun to Bills football

“Is this thing on? Because it’s getting ready to be on.”

God I loved that Rex Ryan press conference! I know very well that he and Greg Roman mean that this upcoming year’s Bills team is going to be run all the time, power football. Is that against what I believe we should do? Yes.

I’m a passing guy. I want my team to throw 35-40 passes a game…  Every single game. The 4 winning QB’s from last week’s playoffs threw the ball 50 (Brady), 43 (Luck), 35 (Rodgers), and 22 (Wilson) times. With the exception of Seattle, this is a passing league. Does it mean I have to pout because I’m not getting my way?  Absolutely not.

Sports are about being entertained. After slogging through year after year of average to below average Buffalo sports, I think a lot of us forgot what it’s like to be entertained by our teams. Remember the 05-06 Sabres? Holy hell that was fun, but that’s the only sports season this millennia that has been that kind of ride. A lot of us have become cynical and obsessive over everything, and it’s left us with this strange inability to enjoy sports.

So I listened to the press conference and heard Rex throwing some shade at Doug Marrone  by saying “This football team deserves a loyal coach.”, or telling us to take a blowtorch to the playoff drought with “I know it’s been 15 years since the Bills made the playoffs. Well get ready, man, we’re going. We are going.” and be still my beating heart, talking about the passing game “Are we going to throw it? Yeah, we got Sammy Watkins outside, why wouldn’t we throw it?”.

While watching Rex talk I thought to myself:  This is entertainment! This is what sports is supposed to be.  This is fun.

Remember fun? It’s what watching the Bills in the 90’s was all about. As Bills fans we knew we were better than your team. We openly told you we were better than your team, and if you had a problem with that, well then guess what? Show it on Sunday, because we’ll line our guys against your guys every single day of the damn week.

So will Rex take us back to the promised land? We don’t know.  We won’t know for another 8 months or so. What I do know is that for the first time in a long time, I am having a ton of fun being a sports fan and for that, I thank you Rex Ryan.

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