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Report: Jordan Palmer Not Bills First Choice

Report: Jordan Palmer Not Bills First Choice

With the Buffalo Bills reaching a verbal deal with QB Jordan Palmer yesterday, reports started circulating as to who the Bills actually reached out to prior to deciding on the player recently released from the Bears.

According to sources, Jordan Palmer was not the Buffalo Bills first choice.  An insider as obtained a list of QBs that One Bills Drive attempted to contact prior to signing Jordan Palmer.

Cooper Manning

The most logical choice was the oldest Manning brother.  Peyton Manning is a future Hall of Fame quarterback while the youngest brother Eli has 2 Super Bowl championships.  One Bills Drive made the decision to contact Cooper’s agent.  Upon further discussion Cooper and the Bills were not able to come to terms, as Cooper is currently General Manager of 4 separate Papa John’s locations.

Kyle Kaepernick

The Bills reached out to Kyle Kaepernick via telephone, where terms where reached.  Upon flying Kaepernick in to meet with Russ Brandon it was determined that this idea wouldn’t work because Colin was adopted, so the family lineage we were after doesn’t apply here.

Marcus Vick

The Bills attempted to reach out to Marcus Vick, but the telephone number on file for him was a direct line to the Forsyth County Correctional Facility.  Marcus had already used his telephone time for the week and negotiations fell through.

Jordan Rodgers 

The younger brother of Aaron Rodgers is on the Arizona Cardinals roster at the moment, so when OBD called him he gave the phone to Carson Palmer, who in turn gave us the name of his younger brother, Jordan Palmer.

Jordan Palmer

The only remaining brother left to contact was in fact Jordan Palmer.  Palmer was so happy he started crying on the phone and flew into Buffalo right away.

This morning the Bills have released Thad Lewis to make room for Jordan Palmer, after weeks of hard work to find this man.

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