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Really Buffalo?

Really Buffalo

I have been a lifelong fan of the Buffalo Bills.  This past Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium I saw some things from our team, our fans and our band that were absolutely embarrassing.  I want to address each of the three, organization, fan base and the marching band with some notes about how we act during the game.

I would also like to preface this by saying that most of this is the organizations fault, as I assume the marching band plays when they are told, or when they are given time:

Buffalo Bills fans:

I have season tickets in section 117 that I have sat in for 5 years now.  This past Sunday against the Chargers I saw some of the most embarrassing actions from our home crowd that I have seen since I have been coming to games, which has been about 14 years.  The fans in and around my section completely lose touch with the game and they, for whatever reason, only decide to clap and cheer when we have the ball.  You read that right.  There were several instances where we had the ball 3rd and short where I couldn’t hear anything, yet when they had the ball 3rd and long we could hear a pin drop.  I get it, the game is exciting, you want them to do well, but really?  It just makes no sense to me how we can do things like this, then complain when we aren’t put onto the best fans in the NFL list.  To me, this was an example of low football IQ by the fans in attendance.  When Eric Wood is waving his arms around at the beginning of the plays, I can assure you, it’s not because he sees an Angel in the Outfield, he and the rest of the team would like us to quiet down.

The Buffalo Bills Marching Band:

You guys have loud ass drums.  Why aren’t you banging on them when the team is on defense?  To me that makes very little sense, but the thing that baffles me more is why you are loudly banging them before the team takes the field on offense?  I get the fact that you want to show people how good you are when there are commercial breaks, but there are commercial breaks when we are on defense too and we don’t hear a sound… We get it, you’re asked to go to the game because you’re good, if you weren’t you wouldn’t be there.  Stop being annoying.

Buffalo Bills Organization:

The issue with the fans and the marching band points right back to you, who act like a bunch of idiots in the stadium.  After a huge stand when we are down 10 points in the 4th quarter we get the ball back.  Before we take the field the imbecile who is running the music decides to play techno music that gets the crowd going.  I stood there quietly as it died down thankful that perhaps the crowd would be able to stay quiet for our offense.  But wait!  We decide to play Jump on It, we get to move the camera around and get the crowd all riled up at the chance to be on TV so the place is erupting with noise right as EJ goes under center.  It just makes no sense.  Do you understand football?  Why do the Broncos get it and put up a big jumbo tron video package of Peyton Manning telling the crowd to be quiet, yet we play pump up music and have the band get the crowd going as our team is in the huddle?  To me this just makes no sense.

One thing the Ralph does great is we bring the noise.  What we need to do is understand what our team needs to win.  We are allowed to cheer when things happen on offense, it’s exciting.  What we cannot do is be louder than we get on defense when the team is coming up to a 3rd and 1.  That means we are being loud for their defense.  It’s simple logic that we as Bills fans, if we want to be regarded as some of the best fans in the NFL, need to understand.

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