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Reaction to the Bills 2015 Schedule

Reaction to the Bills 2015 Schedule

In a grand spectacle that happened for absolutely no reason last night, the NFL released the 2015 schedule and maintained it was necessary to hold a 3 hour televised event to talk about it.  There was a lot of anger in the Buffalo community about the fact that we were snubbed, yet again, from hosting a prime time game at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

I get it, even though I am in the camp that doesn’t really care, but other than that our schedule is pretty awesome.

Week 1 – The Colts have a lot of hype.  They have a great QB in Andrew Luck, but let’s face it… The Ralph jostled Aaron Rodgers last year, late in the season.  That home opener is deafening and I’m not really seeing any reason why we can’t sweep the floor with them.  Our defense is going to be really good.

Week 2 – SHOCKINGLY we get to face the Patriots off of a mini-bye from their Thursday night opener in week 1.  This game is always loud.  Very loud.  2 home games to open the season?  Perfect.

Week 3 – Going into week 3 we play the most overrated QB in the game right now in Ryan Tannehill.  No one is paying any attention to the fact that they lost their deep threat and signed Suh, who has 7 career tackles against the Bills.

Week 4 – Go look at the Giants defensive depth chart.  Seriously, look at this.

Week 5 – The Titans may have the weakest overall roster in football.  If they decide to start a drafted rookie or Mettenberger against our defense this should be a fun roadie.

Week 6 – Which Ginger QB shows up to play?  He usually plays great against us and it sucks.  He’s a hack.

Week 7 – Good luck Doug.  Also, thanks Doug!  Also, go to hell you jabroni.

Week 8 – No football.

Week 9 – Ryan Tannehill is 2-4 career against the Bills.  Stop acting like he’s good.  He’s also been shut out in the Ralph.  Shut.  Out.

Week 10 – Our first in 2 successive prime time games, short week, if Geno Smith doesn’t improve leaps and bounds it shouldn’t matter.

Week 11 – Remember that mini-bye week the Patriots always get against us?  We get it with them.  Plus another day.  Boom.

Week 12 – Make sure Bryce Brown isn’t dressed this game.

Week 13 – Make sure EJ doesn’t throw a touchdown pass to J.J. Watt this game.

Week 14 – The Real McCoy will have another night, another dream, it’s always you.  Come and get your love.

Week 15 – RG3 is a hack and he eats at Subway.  Are you serious with those braids bro?  His knee will most likely be broken by this game.

Week 16 – Romo’s back will be broken by then but he will still be playing to try and get the Cowgirls to 7-8 this game to try and get them to an 8-8 NFC East division win.

Week 17 – I love playing the Jets at home.  My friend Pete comes to the games and he always gets mad and leaves.  It’s my favorite time of the year.

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