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Puck Daddy blogger Josh Cooper calls Buffalo mean names over upcoming NHL draft

Puck Daddy blogger Josh Cooper calls Buffalo mean names over upcoming NHL draft

I’m going to do my best to resist the urge to just start shouting obscenities in this article. It was recently brought to my attention that some terrible hockey blogger named Josh Cooper decided to write a whole article based on the fact that the Buffalo Sabres are in a position to draft either Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel and how he felt we didn’t deserve either of them. To make matters even worse, he for whatever reason couldn’t be nice about it and just had to call us and Edmonton “the two poster children for crappola franchises”.

Which two teams actually deserve these two players you ask? Well that’s actually a great question, allow me to fill you in. None other than Carolina and Arizona? Yeah, those are apparently the only 2 teams in the NHL that actually deserve such promising future superstars, because we all know how well they’ve done developing top talent in the past. This expert of the NHL Josh Cooper feels from the very bottom of his heart that the best talent out there needs to go to teams who have fan bases that don’t even know about their own team.

Just to put a little perspective on this, since the 04-05 lockout the attendance at Sabres games has been in the top half of the league every single year, and in the top 10 for five out of those nine seasons including a 2nd overall attendance in 07. The Carolina Hurricanes have finished in the bottom half of the league in attendance for 8 of those 9 seasons, with that lone season placing them 15th in fan attendance (not technically in the bottom half). Arizona? You don’t even want to talk about that now, bottom 3 for seven of those nine seasons with their best showing at 22nd in 05-06.

You want more perspective? Good, because I love perspective! according to this team average of NHL ticket prices, since the 10-11 season the ticket price per team averages out as follows: Buffalo- $112.90 Carolina- $70.47 Arizona- $62.20. For those of you keeping score at home, that means ticket prices average damn near twice as much in Buffalo than these two teams, yet we absolutely slaughter them in attendance. Also its pretty important to note that it is pretty well known that Buffalo’s economy has not been known to be doing quite as well as these places that deserve better hockey players than us.

Josh Cooper you obviously don’t know a god damn thing about the passion and love we have for this sport in Buffalo. It pisses me off that in your article you recognize that a full rebuild requires you to become a shit team, and while knowing fully well that we are going through said full rebuild you call us a ‘crappola franchise’. Just because you have a hard-on for teams with shitty fan bases does not give you the right to shit on another team, especially one that has fans who are still buying tickets to games even though they finished dead last in the league last year and are currently in last place. That’s right, this years attendance going into the all-star break ranks like this: Buffalo-12th Carolina-29th Arizona-28th. So based on your retarded logic, the best place for superstars to develop is at games that nobody shows up to?

You know Josh Pooper (not a typo) , you could have just been nice. You could of just wrote an article about why you thought McDavid and Eichel should go to those two teams, you didn’t have to shit on two other teams that are obviously going through their own troubles. You did anyways because you’re a shitty person and a shitty writer that cant get ahead at your job without bringing others down. If you want to create waves by being another shithead in society.

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