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Our commitment to the fans of Buffalo from us at Buffalo Bruises

Our commitment to the fans of Buffalo from us at Buffalo Bruises

When we first started Buffalo Bruises the Bills had just concluded their 14th straight season without making the playoffs and the Sabres finished their season dead last in the NHL. Little did we know that the fans of this great area were so passionate that none of that even mattered. Mike Guittar and myself were writing for another Bills related website when we got fed up with both the rules they wanted us to follow and the fact that they ultimately seeing the reader as a number.

They would put out articles titled something like “Is the Buffalo Bills quarterback one of the best 20 in the league?” then once you clicked on that article it would be 10 pages long with only 2 quarterbacks per page. If you were someone who clicked on that article to find out where your player ranked then you were probably one of the many people that bombarded our twitter feed with pissed rage once you found out there wasn’t even any Bills players listed on it. It was after such an instance that Mike texted me and said we should start our own site.

He was right too, neither of us had gotten into writing about the Bills so we could tease and piss off our own fans. The fact that as Bills fans we were even supporting and contributing to such garbage did not sit well with us. We are after all Bills fans ourselves who actually care about our fellow fans, we want to entertain and educate, not mislead and dupe you into clicking a link so we can make a quick buck.

I actually pay to keep this site running, granted its not much, it actually cost under $15 a month and to be quite honest with you its the best $15 a month I’ll ever spend. You know why? Because it allows us to provide Buffalo sports fans with entertainment, pure true to heart entertainment without view counts or quota’s disrupting what we truly want to say. We adhere to a strict “no schedule/no deadline” policy, meaning that even if you write something only once a year, as long as your heart is into it we will publish it. The reason we do this? Because we want our writers to actually want to write what they are writing about, not force out complete garbage because there is a deadline looming.

I don’t get all liquored up and go on a wild profane rants because I feel obligated to do it, I do it because that’s what I enjoy doing. In a day where the almighty dollar is king, Buffalo Bruises is here to prove that we don’t give a f*ck about money, it’s the great fans of Buffalo that make us who we are. We will always put Buffalo before anything else because you fans are without a doubt the greatest collaboration of people I’ve ever seen in my life. From the cynical stubborn asshole to the kind-hearted sympathetic fool, you are undoubtedly the greatest fan base I could ever imagine being a part of.

We just want you to know that we are committed to being a part of you, because that’s who we actually are. We are Bills, Sabres, Bandits, Bison’s and Amerks fans. We are fans of you being our fans and no amount of views or ad revenue is ever going to change that, because we are Buffalo just like yourself. We will always be as passionate about the teams we write about because we are just as much of fans ourselves. We will never try to trick you into reading our work.

Thank you to everybody who has enjoyed and supported what we have done so far here at Bruises, Lets Go Buffalo!!!!

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