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One Patriots Fan Beautifully Sums Them Up

One Patriots Fan Beautifully Sums Them Up

I spent 15 minutes of my morning going through the hashtag #FreeTomBrady. There is a lot of hilarious stuff in there, mainly everyone that is a fan of the Patriots making a fool of themselves.

But one of them stuck out to me, as it so eloquently illustrated how every Patriots fan thinks:

The NFL is a joke if Tom Brady “cheated” he’s still the GOAT #FreeTomBrady

— Evan Gard (@EvanGard45) May 11, 2015

I can’t thank @EvanGard45 enough for tweeting this. It’s clear that Tom Brady* cheated. There’s no doubt, other than the fact that he refused to hand over the only thing that could have potentially cleared him from any wrong doing. Here is the series of events quarterbacks take, I will put an asterisks next to Tom Brady’s* events, as there should always be an asterisks next to everything he has ever done:

  • Quarterback has 12 balls groomed to his liking, works all Summer to ensure perfection.
  • Quarterback has equipment employees take 12 balls to officials for proper inflation.
  • Officials deem ball legal per the rules, equipment employee runs into a room with a needle, deflates ball, then returns balls to quarterback
  • Quarterback competes within the rules and tries to win the game.

But Patriots fans, the same ones who complained because the gun was hidden too well to convict Aaron Hernandez, say without evidence, you can’t possibly punish him!  That’s right, the scales that measured the balls and the text evidence between the two employees that Tom Brady* was orchestrating, that’s not enough. Once this blows over and Tom Brady* forever is labeled a cheater that Patriots fans will still revere (I use revere because Paul Revere never rode a horse through Boston yelling the British are coming, which is proven, but don’t tell them that), they are going to focus all of their efforts in the freedom of Charles Manson.

Charles Manson was convicted on 7 counts of first-degree murder for his role in the killing, though he never killed anyone.  But Patriots fans noticed one little thing… They never had any texts from Charles Manson to his family for the killings!  The fact that cell phones didn’t exist then isn’t an excuse, as they are citing Roger Goodell’s “ignorance is not an excuse”, as it’s not Charles Manson’s fault that cell phones didn’t exist in 1969. So come forth Patriots fans, let’s finally get justice for Tom Brady*, Aaron Hernandez and Charles Manson all at the same time!  If they don’t have any “evidence”, then how can these men have tainted names?

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