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Not a very Hoppy Bills fan

Not a very Hoppy Bills fan

Anyone deeply involved with Buffalo Bills fan groups is probably well aware of the levels of drama and hatred that takes place between those groups, the animosity is something that is really too much to contain and you simply can not just pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s absolutely awful too, Bills fans hating and attacking other Bills fans just because they all share the same passion for this team.

When we started Buffalo Bruises I made a promise to myself that I would never see another Bills site or writer as ‘competition’. The way I see it is we are all Bills fans and we are all working towards the same goal, which is providing entertainment for our fellow Bills fans. I’ve always felt that we should all be working together, and if one group or site is more attractive to people than yours then so be it, hating and attacking the popular groups is not going to result in people all of a sudden loving your work.

That’s why when I come across a situation where a member of a HUGE Bills group was involved in an attack on a pretty small Bills. Its should also be noted that I have a lot of respect for this smaller Bills site for how they handle their bushiness and how they’ve taken an extra effort to be a true and honest Bills fan site. More on that later though, lets get down to business here.

There is a sports site and podcast called Hashtag Sports, some of you may actually remember when myself and Mike Guittair were guest on the podcast as we had ourselves quite a good time.  A few days ago I came across a parody twitter account that was apparently set up for the sole purpose of mocking and expressing hatred towards them…

One look at this and its easy to see that this is very personal for whoever created this account, its very deep and shows that this person more than likely has a long lasting hatred for Hashtag Sports or someone involved with them. Their first tweet is a question directed towards Mario Granata from Hashtag Sports, being the very first tweet after taking the lengths to set up a Twitter account specifically for this hateful purpose its safe to assume that animosity towards Mario was the main driving force behind all of this. But why?

A lot of people don’t know this but I have become pretty good friends with Mario since we started Bruises and I know him and Hashtag Sports to be a very stand up and respectable place to get a different take on the Bills and the NFL. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Mario talking about the right and wrong ways to handle our part in this Bills community, so when I seen this I could not for any reason understand why it was happening. Mario is stand up guy who wants to share his passion for football and the Bills, probably one of the last people that deserves a hateful parody account based on them.

Now its hard not to notice that the accusation of buying fake followers comes up in not only the bio but in one of the only two tweets made by the account, that’s where my eyebrows raise for several reasons. A lot of you are aware of the article I wrote recently about Bills Fanatics and the fact that they bought followers as well. The problem wasn’t that they bought fake followers, it was that they were using those fake accounts to recruit people while convincing them that they were bigger than they actually were. After I wrote that article I had a long talk with Mario Granata and he told me about how when he first started up he did indeed buy followers under the assumption that it was actually going to help him grow. When he found out that they were all actually fake accounts and how bad it looked he ended up spending several days manually removing each and every one of them. Now I don’t know if you know how much work it actually takes to delete hundreds of followers on twitter but its maddening, when he told me he went through all that work in an effort to be more honest I was thoroughly impressed by his dedication to keep things real on his end.

I found it interesting that Hashtag Sports was getting called out for buying followers at a time where they have no fake followers, and the fact that Hashtag Sports has never even boasted about their amount of followers.  I didn’t understand why someone was calling them out after they went through such lengths to be as honest to their fans as possible. After taking all this in and thinking about it for a few minutes I was left confused and couldn’t even begin to understand what was going on here. So naturally the next thing for me to do was to find out who did this and why.

At the time of discovering the Faux Hashtag account had just one follower (who for some reason decided to unfollow the account after talking to me about it)  When I ran a ran a few searches I found that only one person had ever tweeted @FauxHashtag and it was that very same follower…

I have to say that I found this very interesting, the fact that someone is tweeting in anticipation of the account means that not only does it seem planned but also discussed and it seems as though @rageside24 here simply could not contain his excitement about it happening. With my interest at an all time high I continued digging and found out that @rageside24 might be someone on facebook named Jerry Blady, so naturally I messaged him for a chat about it. After some confusion about the amount of followers Hashtag Sports and Bills Fanatics had this is what I was told…

Its ridiculous to think that I would read that and simply say “oh, thank you very much for clearing that up good sir!”. He tweeted about how he couldn’t wait for the account and on top of that he was their only follower, you cant expect anybody to seriously believe that shit. So I pressed him a bit more and his response was so much more than anything I ever expected…

That was very interesting to hear considering that our only mutual friend is Marc Hoppy. Now for those that don’t know who Marc Hoppy is, he is an admin and a driving force behind one of the biggest Bills fan groups on Facebook. On top of that he he has been involved in a variety of other bills fan groups and has certainly rubbed a few people the wrong way in how he does his business. I was actually talking to Marc when this was said because I seen that he was our only mutual friend and to this point I have been pretty good friends with him, or so I thought. I thought he might be able to explain his friends actions because at the time I was convinced it was Blady who made the account.

Yeah I bet you would be pretty surprised considering that you were apparently the one who showed Blady the account. At the time that it was said it honestly seemed sincere and honest, but looking back at how Marc handled the situation it is very clear that he is very comfortable with lying to people who think they can trust him. This is where the real problem comes in, all I wanted was an honest answer so we could try to resolve the problem. But instead I was met with a series of ridiculous lies, so for that reason there is no good reason why I should keep any of this behind closed doors. Not knowing that Blady already told me he was shown the account by him Marc decided to send this to me…

Now that screen shot Marc sent me is just out of control. By the looks of things, a conversation was fabricated for the sole purpose of deceiving at least me that nobody knows whats going on here. Even more interesting is the fact that the name of the person he is talking to is cut off so there is really no telling who this conversation is really with. After hearing that Marc is the one that showed Blady the account am I honestly supposed to believe this conversation really took place? Well before we lose focus here lets jump to what Marc had to say after I put everything together and started getting really shitty with him…

Ok so you admit that you shouldn’t have played dumb about it, but knowing that you took the effort to fabricate a whole conversation so you could send a made up screen shot proving you know nothing about what is going on? Do you see why I have a problem with whats going on here? Shame on you for seeing it and sending it to a friend?!?! I think its a little deeper than that my friend, as the conversation goes on my suspicions seem to become increasingly warranted…

Alright, so why couldn’t you just tell me that from the start? Why do we have to play these ridiculous games to get to the bottom of whats going on here? Naturally this whole situation led to me reaching out to various people who have dealt with Marc in the past and the feedback. I’ve been talking to Marc for the good part of a year now and he had me thoroughly convinced that he was one of the good guy’s in this game. But after hearing what people had to say about how he does his business and seeing first hand the lengths he will go to in order to protect someone only seeking to be hateful towards his own fellow fans, I was completely disgusted and pissed off with all of it. Then to see how easily somebody I thought I could trust would lie to me and even fabricate conversations to prove those lies.

There is actually so much more I can get into here as this drama runs deep, but instead on dwelling on that I want to make it clear that Marc Hoppy is his own individual and his actions should not tarnish the group(s) that trust him with being a good and honest Bills fan. He’s a smooth talker and he is even willing to set up fake conversations to prove his lies. If you take this situation and hold it against anyone but Marc Hoppy or Jerry Blady then you are releasing your frustrations in the wrong direction.

Maybe from now on we all try to just help each other grow and succeed, other Bills groups or fans are not your enemy! Unless of course those people are huge pieces of shit in this world, then yeah they’re your enemy. Mario Granata and Hashtag Sports? Not the enemy. If they are your enemy then you need to quit pussy footing around, man up and just come out with it. Some of us are sick and tired of you assholes hating each other just because you both have a Bills group. Start working together, none of you are special and you’re just acting like selfish idiots.

I completely understand that by writing this I am risking my relationship with this particular group and I am fully aware that they are a huge part of the traffic we receive. But with that said, I got into to this to provide the truth to my fellow Bills fans. All I wanted was to find out why this even happened and instead of being honest and manning up to whatever happened, that led to me writing over 2000 words about the situation. Not exactly a great trade off. So maybe next time you just tell me what the is actually happening and we can avoid creating a huge scene about it.

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