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NHL draft lottery process is shady as hell

NHL draft lottery process is shady as hell

Have you ever seen the big reveal of the NHL draft lottery results? If you have then you may have walked away with a slight feeling that things don’t really seem on the up and up. If you haven’t ever seen one, well then you are in for a treat my friend. Check out the video of last years lottery results to see what all the fuss is about…

Everything seems legit, right? Just put some cards stamped with team logos into giant envelopes and nobody will question a thing. It honestly has to be some of the shadiest shit I have ever seen in my life. You’re trying to tell me that this lottery takes place behind closed doors in some secret room with no viable witnesses to the draft process and as long as they put professional looking logos on giant cards that are stuffed into giant envelopes we are all to believe that the results are fair and honest?

Forget about the fact the whole concept of the draft lottery is complete garbage to me. The draft order was originally set up to give the worst teams the first shot at the best talent available in an effort to keep the whole entire league balanced and more competitive. What the lottery does is increase the odds that the bad teams will stay bad, all in an effort to make the “OK” teams better. I mean if you’re going to have a lottery for the top talent then why not include the whole entire league, why not really stick it to the struggling teams?

You can say what you want about my opinion being biased because I’m a Sabres fan and the fact they are currently ranked dead last in the league, of course I want that top overall pick more than anybody and I would want it if we finished 2nd overall. Putting your favorite team aside though, you can only conclude that taking away the opportunity for the worst teams to draft first is just a generally idea. It’s giving the league an opportunity to punish teams for being so bad when they should be getting the first shot at improving their clubs. Then they want to have some sort of secret lottery and everyone is just expected to believe all is fair, even though nobody actually see’s the lottery take place.

If the league wants to have a lottery to try and keep the worst teams in the league bad that’s fine, but this whole pulling out giant envelopes with predetermined teams inside shit has to be stopped. Why can’t we watch the actual lottery take place? Why cant we see our team picked out of the hat in an honest and fair attempt to “create balance” in the league? That’s actually not a fair assessment of the lottery because nothing about it creates a fair attempt at balance in the league.

Am I asking too much by wanting to see the actual lottery take place? Am I a complete idiot for thinking something isn’t right as they pull those giant cards out? If the league wants to change the rules every few years on how the draft goes that’s fine, all I ask it that you allow me to see it happen first hand. Don’t hold secret drafts and expect us to believe the results are fair and honest, no amount of professionally stamped cards is going to make me believe this is a legit operation.

For what its worth, I am starting a petition to allow us the fans an opportunity to actually watch the lottery process take place. This whole stupid draft lottery is a pretty big deal to us fans that support these teams, all we want is to witness first hand that the draft pick we are given is being handed out fair and square. You have to ask, if there is nothing to hide concerning the lottery, then why have they been hiding the actual draft process for so many years?

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