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My never ending fight for the good honest fans of Buffalo

My never ending fight for the good honest fans of Buffalo

Those of you that follow what I have done here at Buffalo Bruises know that I am more than passionate about cleaning up the fan base here in Buffalo and holding people accountable for their actions through absolute clarity. Before I started this blog I wrote about the Bills for several different websites, that very quickly led to me taking over  the managing editor duties of Cover32’s Bills page. I enjoyed that job too, mainly because it involved reading articles about the Bills that I otherwise would probably never read and getting different views of the team was always really interesting to me. We have some VERY passionate fans in Buffalo and having to regularly communicate with them and edit their articles was something I enjoyed more than anything.

As much as I enjoyed the job, title and responsibilities that went along with that gig there was a few very apparent problems with the site that only seemed to be getting worse. I started to very strongly get the impression that those who ran the network cared more about pushing out meaningless content than actually educating and entertaining their readers. To me they didn’t seem to care if the work you put your name behind had any actual quality to it as they would recommend putting together articles that would take you no more than 15 minutes. I don’t know about you, but I think the quality of a 15 minute article often leaves a lot to be desired. The reader appeared to be just a number, a quick click bait number and they wanted us to pump out a ridiculous amount of these articles to keep traffic high.

Another major problem I had was the lack of complete freedom I actually had while writing for them. Its no secret that I use a heavy amount of profanity, not because I want to be offensive or controversial but because that is how I truly speak. To be honest I actually edit out more swear words than I leave in when I’m done with a post. I say profane words , its very much a part of my vocabulary and will always be a major part of it. So not being able to properly express my true thoughts on what I was writing about was a major conflict of interest for me.

So I decided that I wanted to carry on my passion for Buffalo sports while not viewing the reader as a number or statistic. I felt if just one person reached out to me and said something like “great work” or “I really enjoyed this” then what I had written was a success. So I decided to venture off  and start my own project, a place where I could truly be myself and express my thoughts and feelings in their raw, uncensored and unedited form. That is where Buffalo Bruises  was born, a place created where view counts, statistics, or advertising revenue meant absolutely nothing because it was truly for the good honest fans in Buffalo. I mean that too, I put up a few ads in the hopes that maybe I can offset the cost of keeping Bruises running, but the truth is I make absolutely no money doing this. You want proof? Here is my most recent statement from my advertising network…

Some people don’t understand the concept of putting forth so much work and effort only to pay out of pocket for the opportunity to have a voice in this world, everyone in this field seems to want to be a celebrity and get paid for it. I was one of those kids who was taught growing up that you stick up and fight for the good people in this world, a lesson that has stuck with me for better or worse. Most of you might be thinking something like “better or worse? that’s a good thing your doing, right?” and while the answer to that is yes, it still means that the bad people in this world who you speak out against are going to come after you. This is something I fully prepared myself for when I made the decision to start Bruises, I knew that I was going to be challenged on all fronts and that I had to expect bad people were going to do anything they can to tarnish my name in an effort to convince people that I am a liar.

Its a game I’ll play all day long, I’m one of the few good honest people still out there willing to stand up and stamp my name on the fight against those who only serve their own self interest at the cost of others good intentions. When you take a look at my body of work and you see my passion and concern in making this a more honest and trustworthy fanbase, thats when you see that those fighting against me are not looking out for the good honest loyal fans in Buffalo. I have an awful lot of things to say, I talk to a lot of people and I know that there is an awful lot of bullshit that goes on both behind the scenes and right in front of your face.

That’s why it should be concerning that someone went through an awful lot of effort to take down some of my articles and keep me from talking about certain things for the next 2 weeks. It gets worse though, because they tried taking down ALL of Buffalo Bruises. Now those of you that know the content on this blog are aware that there is some material here that needs to be made available to the public. Aidan Kearney for one would absolutely love to find out that Buffalo Bruises is no longer online so he can once again get another job teaching high school children. Matt Schreiner who was kicked out of a charity event for scamming children with cancer would surely be more than happy that Bruises is no longer online.

When I write an article about someone or something, you have a few options as to how you want to respond to it. I’ll tell you flat out that your best option is to reach out to me, tell me your side of the story and convince me that the information I have is incorrect. If that happens, then I make the proper modifications or completely take down what I have written if there is enough supporting evidence. I’ll admit that is a very rare occurrence but it has happened…. once. To be honest that person didn’t even prove that what I wrote about him wasn’t true, but he came to me like a man and was very sincere about losing his job. So I took down the piece because he came and talked to me like a man and seemed like a decent enough human being who got mixed up in the wrong situation.

The other option you have when I write an article about you is to completely avoid me and call me a liar. This is the approach most people take, as they seem to have zero interest in defending their good name to the person who has called them out. You’ll hear things from these people like “its all lies” but if you pay close attention to what I’m saying and the evidence I give to support my statements you will clearly find that I speak from the heart and have a good reason for why I am talking about things.

The people I write about are very rarely comfortable with what I have to say about them, and instead of taking accountability for their own actions they would prefer to blame me instead. They would prefer to threaten me with lawsuits than man up and change their ways towards being a more respectable person in this world. We all make mistakes, and we all have the opportunity to learn from those mistakes and become a better person from it. We also have the opportunity to hide from those mistakes and fight to continue being a complete piece of shit in this world.

Me personally? I’m going to continue fighting against the bad people in this fan base. I’m going to hold no secrets and call someone a piece of shit if I think they are a piece of shit. My goal is to one day have a Buffalo fan base full of good honest people who have nothing to hide from one another. Until then my fight goes on, and I’m not backing down from anyone regardless of what you are threatening me with. We have relatively short lives and I’m utilizing mine to do something positive in this world. At the top of that list is fighting bad guy’s and I will devote every minute of my life and every penny to my name to do that.

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