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Mike Rodak: Buffalo Optimist

Mike Rodak: Buffalo Optimist

It’s no secret that ESPN’s Bills blogger, Mike Rodak, hates the Buffalo Bills and their fans. The former New England Patriots writer always feels the need to get his negativity out there to Bills fans. The article Rodack put out this week is a glowing example of why Bills fans shouldn’t have to put up with him and why he’s a “Blogger”, not a “Reporter”.

Take a look at this article if you haven’t already.

Either out of spite or complete boredom, Rodak decided to write an article about why the Bills would never get Jameis Winston; a question which no one asked:

“Jameis Winston’s long-anticipated decision to declare for the draft has the NFL world buzzing Wednesday.

But for the Buffalo Bills, specifically, it doesn’t mean much.”

When I open up the article to this, why would I keep the article open other to question why it exists? Why does this exist? Bills fans are bright enough to know we have no first round pick and that Jameis Winston, a potential Top 10 pick, is obviously out of our price range, even if we wanted him (which we probably don’t).

It gets better:

“General manager Doug Whaley — whose own future was in doubt when the Bills were courting Bill Polian last week — is now involved in the hiring of a new head coach. According to a report from Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, Whaley is trying to sell Manuel to prospective coaching candidates.

Good luck with that.”

Whether this fact is true or not, it shows what a snarky little asshole Rodak is.

“Say what you want about Winston, but he’d be among the Bills’ best options to start at quarterback next season.

Too bad it will never happen.”

These nasty one-liners are glowing examples of why he’s just trying to get under your skin. Why he would write this otherwise is beyond me. There’s just no need for it whatsoever.

You know who else would be a great option at QB next season? 1982 Joe Montana.

Too bad it will never happen.

Rodak’s next article: “Winning four-straight Super Bowls to redeem themselves will be tough for the Bills over next four seasons”.

ESPN really can’t do any better than Rodak? One of us will gladly take the reins! Hell, I’ll do it for free! Anything to get Rodak’s asshole thoughts off my twitter timeline.

The only reason I even click on his shitty articles are to read the hilarious comments of people bashing him. Speaking of which, these are some of my favorites from this article:

  • “Next article: too bad the Bills cannot use a star trek transporter to beam Jim Kelly back to age 25. There’s little doubt that the Bills could use a young Jim Kelly again. Say what you want about Star Trek Technology, but he’d be among the Bills’ best options to start at quarterback next season.  Too bad it will never happen.”
  • “A pipe dream is me wishing I never clicked on this article….”
  • “Never have I read a more poignant and concise article that tells it like it is! Way to go Rodack, I cannot wait to see what you got next for us. It’ll prolly go like this, “The Bills would be way better if they were the Seahawks, but they just can’t be them.””
  • “Rodak you actually wrote an article about the Bills not being able to draft Winston. Seriously!? You continue to stoop to new levels of horrible reporting.”
  • “Filler. Thanks for another worthless article about a worthless topic. Do you even care about this job?”
  • “A new Bills Beat Reporter a Pipe Dream for Blogger – Needy Bills Fans”

ESPN, please replace him with someone who isn’t obnoxiously biased and negative. There are thousands of Bills fans out there that would write a blog for you about their thoughts regarding their favorite team. Why do we need a Patriots fan to remind us that our team is struggling every day? Oh yeah, because you’re ESPN; the station that would stage a Jets press conference of Rex Ryan sitting on the toilet if you could, then barely mention him getting hired by a winning team that’s gearing for a playoff run. That’s right.

Say what you want about Rodak, he’d be one of the best bloggers to replace.

Too bad it will never happen.

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