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Mayhem Monday: #FlatKikoProject

Mayhem Monday: #FlatKikoProject

So one of the most fun experiences of my life has been writing and illustrating these goofy articles about the diaries of Kiko Alonso (#MayhemMonday) and his off-season experiences.  The other day I was wondering what I could possibly do to help give back in anyway that I possibly could.  There I was, playing Madden 93 on Sega and it came to me:  Flat Kiko.

If you’re not familiar with The Flat Stanley Project, the general idea I would be going for is to reach out to a bunch of Bills fans across the nation to send Flat Kiko to, they could take him to a local landmark of their choosing, take a picture with him, pop Flat Kiko back into an envelope and onto the next person.  If it sounds stupid, it’s okay because it is, what I would be looking for is a bunch of the great Bills fans across the nation to get involved, reach out to us at @BuffaloBruises or @GdoubleT by sending me your information, donating whatever amount you want to a PayPal account (could be $2, could be $25?), where I would then donate to Bills future Wall of Famer, Brian Moorman’s PUNT Foundation.

If you think it sounds ridiculous, again, it is, I will plan this whole thing and when it goes as scheduled I will document via online internet maps the entire trip along with pictures here on the website and a full list of those who contributed to the Flat Kiko Project.

If you’re interested, PayPal any donation amount you feel you want to contribute to [email protected] or email me, contact me on Twitter and DM me your address and you will be added to the #FlatKikoProject itinerary.

Say we get 50 people to do this, $100-$250 is still a great amount of money to help people in need! All while bringing together the great Bills fans all over the world. There is really no telling how far flat Kiko can travel this summer, so lets have some fun and raise money for charity in process!

***UPDATE*** As of February 8th we have already raised $330 for the PUNT Foundation!

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