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Marrone Eyes Jets and Weight Loss

Marrone Eyes Jets and Weight Loss

Doug Marrone decided to opt out of his remaining year in his contract on the final day of 2014.  There are many theories on why Marrone opted out, but the truth behind his walking out on the city of Buffalo and an offered extension by new owner Terry Pegula is simply a personal health choice that Marrone made.

Marrone showed up in Buffalo weighing around 260 pounds and rode out with more than just the $4,000,000 he stole from our organization, he left about 100 pounds heavier, as well.  It’s no shock that Marrone is eying the New York Jets vacant coaching position.  Marrone, a New York City native, will now attempt to join an organization known for hiring fat, disgusting human beings and slimming them down.

Unfortunately for Doug Marrone, who’s steady diet consistis of Big Macs and Crisco, the Meadowlands in New Jersey has 14 McDonald’s restaurants in a 20 mile radius, which means this will be no easy task for the organization.   The Jets have already planned for this and have opted to make Doug Marrone the official mascot, since that stupid Fireman guy left a few years back.

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