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Lord Terrence of Buffalo is the greatest thing that could possibly happen to the Bills

Lord Terrence of Buffalo is the greatest thing that could possibly happen to the Bills

Before I even start I need to let you all know that from this day forward I will only refer to Terry Pegula as ‘Lord Terrence of Buffalo’, please allow me to explain why. For almost 2 months now I have been trying to tell people that Lord Terrance of Buffalo is without a doubt going to buy this team.

In that time I can’t think of one single person that put any real stock into what I was trying to them. Which is understandable, if you have ever held a conversation with me then you know I kind of come off as a burned out homeless man that has probably had a tranny hooker at some point in his life. When you add to that the absolute silence coming from Lord Terrence of Buffalo about his interest in owning the team I do in fact seem like a delusional fan who at any moment just might start shrieking about the aliens in my coffee cup.

When Lord Terrance of Buffalo sold a portion of his land to secure an extra $1.75 billion dollars it was quite obvious what he was doing. This is a man with a net worth of $3.3 billion, believe me when I say he did not need the money, unless of course he was planning on spending over a billion dollars on a football team. What did Lord Terrence of Buffalo do after obtaining this astounding amount of cash? Its quite simple really, he went and hired high-profile investment banker Steve Greenberg who not only specializes in the the sales of sports teams but is considered to be one of the best in the business. After that move right there it should of been obvious that Lord Terrence of Buffalo not only wants to buy this team but he is also willing to lay down in the dirt and get really dirty in order to get it.

Lord Terrance of Buffalo has by all means brought a military issued rocket launcher to a water balloon fight, with unconfirmed reports his opening bid was $1.3 billion it is my firm belief that he did his homework on the Patriots best friend Bon Jovi and submitted his initial bid at a price that was too high for Jovi to even consider matching. That paired with the fact that he is very much prepared to go much higher with his bid means that Bills fans should start to get very excited. Not only would Lord Terrence of Buffalo keep our Bills here, he would spare no expense to ensure our team had every available resource to build a winning team. That’s just what he does, he opens up his wallet filled with billions of dollars and he buys the best of the best of whatever is available for whatever reason he wants to.

Now I fully understand that I have very high praise for Lord Terrence of Buffalo while there are countless people in the area that don’t share the same feelings because of where the Sabres have gone since he bought the team. I actually have to calm myself down from becoming completely enraged and violent at the fans that think Lord Terrence of Buffalo has in any way shape or form been responsible for the shit show the Sabres have put on the ice since he took ownership. Understandably nobody wants to watch their team turn into the absolute worst team in the league, but what people don’t understand is that for the Sabres it was absolutely necessary in order to build a team worthy of winning a Stanely cup (that is the goal right?). The pieces of the puzzle that Lord Terrence of Buffalo took over were not even capable of making the playoffs let alone contending for the Stanely cup. Granted they finished in last place this past season but they also currently have what is considered to be the best prospect pool in the NHL. Lord Terrence of Buffalo took over the team, pulled out his wallet and dramatically expanded his scouting while bringing in top names in the business to run his team. Those that are cursing his name now will be praising him in 5 years when the Sabres are regarded as one of the best teams in the league and are regularly contending for the cup.

It truly does piss me off when people that just see that the Sabres are losing and think that Lord Terrence of Buffalo is a shitty owner, they have obviously not put in the time or effort to follow what exactly he is doing and where it is all heading. They just see a losing team and think “this is the worst owner we ever had”. Meanwhile this guy is building a god damn dream team right before your very eyes and your too dumb to realize it.

Lord Terrance of Buffalo just may be the greatest thing that ever happened to us in western New York and if you don’t think so then you might as well sell Bon Jovi the Bills for $50, hell why not sweeten the pot and throw in the Sabres while your at it. This guy is opening his heart and his wallet for this area while doing everything he can to bring the very best to Buffalo and if you cant get on board with that because our hockey team had a couple terrible seasons then you should probably move to Jacksonville where they provide a far superior product to their fans.

Seriously, we are talking about a guy with billions of dollars that wants a team he can be proud of. He’s not looking to make a profit from all of this, he legitimately cares about this team and wants them to be successful, where Bon Jovi mainly cares about one day moving his own football team to Toronto. As far as I’m concerned Bon Jovi can shove a football up his asshole, Lord Terrence of Buffalo is without a doubt my new hero.

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