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Lauren Brill and Channel 4 news show Bills fans that racism is alive and well

Lauren Brill and Channel 4 news show Bills fans that racism is alive and well

One of the things that truly bothers me in this world is racism, I’ve just always felt that the color or pigment of someone’s skin should not in anyway reflect what kind of person they are. I have no problem with race related humor but that all really goes back to my feelings that it is more than healthy to at least try to make light of the terrible things in this world. I’ve been called a cracker by black people and I’ve been called a nigger by white people, and in both scenarios I have simply raised my glass with a smile and said “cheers asshole”.

Hanging out with your friends and joking about each others differences and the stereotypes we are associated with is one thing though. When you very seriously attempt to imply that someone is less worthy of shit in this world because of those physical differences, well that is just something you will never get me to agree with. I can show you examples of horrible people from every race imaginable, but I can also show you some of the most awesome, caring, generous and thoughtful people from every single one of those very same races. So to me, even if you have multi-colored skin then my judgment of you is going to be reserved until I find out what kind of person you are,  not the physical attributes that you have virtually zero control of.

Ironically enough, multi-colored skin is exactly what this is all leading up to, but more or less the recent attention it was given by Lauren Brill and Channel 4 news.  For those unaware, the Buffalo Bills new defensive line coach Karl Dunbar has a rare skin condition called vitiligo which causes random pigment loss in his skin. Now I know I don’t have it, and have not had to deal with people’s reactions of it on a daily basis, but I think it looks really cool. It’s unique in a way that I’ve never seen and I have to say… I really like it.

Well, Lauren Brill and Channel 4 apparently decided they absolutely had to do a segment on this unique characteristic our newly acquired coach had. Which is great, its different and people should become aware of the things they are not used to seeing, I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with however is how they went about it, as the execution of the segment left me speechless and checking the calender to see what decade we were living in.

I found the segment on Facebook as a fellow hard-core Bills fan posted this…

I have to say, I didn’t even notice the comments on the post before I clicked, otherwise I may have been a bit more prepared for what I was about to witness. I was expecting a segment on the guy’s original ability to prepare the defensive line in a manner that crushes opponents. I was not expecting it to be solely based on the color(s) of his skin and when I got done watching it I literally shouted out “what is wrong you people?!”

I also need to point out that while watching the video on Channel 4’s website, they have a twitter feed of Lauren Brill in the right sidebar and this was the top tweet I had to look at while watching this awesome display of journalism…

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but can you please tell me where in the segment they showed anyone how his life has been affected by this???  Really the only affect you showed it had on his life was the fact that he used to lash out violently about it and that he forced people to fight him because of it. Where is the message of how that is the wrong way to react to harmless words? Where is lesson that physical violence is no way to react to ignorance and stupidity? What did you just teach us Channel 4?

It is quite apparent that Karl Dunbar sat down for a much longer chat about his condition than what is shown in the video, and Channel 4 edited it to make it much more of racial issue than it needed to be. I personally don’t give a flying how many colors Karl Dunbar is, what I care about are his actions as a human being and his ability to lead our team to victories.

It was very nice of you channel 4 to show how a person can actually be successful in football despite the fact that his skin is different than the rest of us. I’m sick of this shit, you want to do a story on somebody’s skin color then fine, but don’t make that person seem as though they overcame the color of their own skin and found a way to be an athletically gifted or intelligent person. You’re being racist Lauren Brill and Channel 4 news,  and that is something I have absolutely zero tolerance for.

The very start of the segment quotes Dunbar as saying “Cut me and I bleed red, so it don’t matter whether your skin is black, white or yellow.”, which is a statement Channel 4 should of seriously listened to before putting this bullshit in print. It doesn’t matter that his skin is different than ours, what matters is what he does in that skin. You want to bring awareness to the condition and the disease to try to help stop it? Then great! You want to use his condition as a way to whore yourself out for attention?

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