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Keys to Beating the Patriots

Keys to Beating the Patriots

The Patriots didn’t beat the Steelers last weekend. The Steelers beat themselves by blowing assignments, coverages, missing two field goals, a toe out of bounds and leaving the only player to fear on the Pat’s offense besides Brady wide open countless times. This is hilarious to me because it’s not like you can’t see “Gronk”, he has a large frame, is 6ft 6 inches tall, and weighs 265. That man is a mountain.

If the Bills just shift their deep coverage and shadow Rob Gronkowski with either Stephon Gilmore or Nigel Bradham we will win the game. We have one thing in our defensive backfield: down right dirty speed. Brooks, Darby, Robey, and Mckelvin can flat out fly. That being said McKelvin is out, but it still leaves the other two to cover Julian Edleman and Amendola. I think it will be Robey in the nickel against Edleman which to me is the second most important match up in this game. Leaving Darby to cover Amendola is a pretty steep task for a rookie. Although he did very well against T.Y Hilton last week. We will see if he can repeat that performance. He seems to be getting better every week. Both of those match ups with our safeties shouldn’t worry you Bills fans. Plus we should have a better pass rush this weekend with the return of Dareus.

We need to keep scoring. The offense looked great. Honestly, with the backfield of McCoy, Williams, and Dixon I don’t see us having any issue running the ball. The aging DeAngelo Williams had 21 carries for 127 yards last week against the Pats. He averaged six yards a carry and his longest run was 28 yards. I think we can exploit the weak shell of a defense the Patriots have right now. After losing Wilfork, Revis, and Browner there are some holes in that defense. Greg Roman and company shouldn’t find it too hard to move the ball and control the clock keeping the “Brady Bunch” on the sidelines.

I saved the most important key to the game on Sunday for last… our fans! I billieve that Billsmafia has the power to push our team over the hump. If Brady can’t communicate properly with his team due to the sound level, then he can’t change plays as easily as he could in the past. I know with the excitment for this team at an all time high, not to mention the Guinness Book of World Records coming out to give a chance to break the ‘worlds loudest fans record’ this doesn’t even need to be mentioned and the fans are going to be insane.

We were once weak and routinely getting owned by the Patriots and it was more painful than a root canal, but those days are over! The Pegulas have arrived and our young Bills are on the upswing with an all star coaching staff and the talent to take these Patriots down a few notches.

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