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Kaley Kade Outs Boobie Dixon’s DMs – Bills vs Pornstars Part II

Kaley Kade Outs Boobie Dixon DMs

Alright, alright… This has been one of the most ridiculous off-seasons in recent history.  We got our offensive line coach using actual offensive lines like “I’ll kill your whole family,” we got Rex jumping out of planes and we have porn star Mia Khalifa outing Duke Williams.  If I had to bet that one of those three news stories would happen again, I would probably have thought it would go in this order, Kromer gets arrested again, Rex jumps out of a plane again, then porn star outs Buffalo Bills player again.

I would have lost that bet. Meet Kaley Kade!

Kaley Kade is an up and coming porn starlet that does cam shows.  I follow her on snap chat.  It’s awesome.  But here’s where I start to have a bit of an issue… She is a western NY girl and when she got an opportunity to try and cash in on the recent publicity that Mia Khalifa got when she outed Duke Williams, she took it and tried to roll with it.

Now here’s my issue.  When you follow Kaley Kade on Twitter you are sent an automated message from her Twitter account, in forms of a DM.

Now, back in the day, you used to have to follow each other on Twitter to be able to DM each other… That’s not the case anymore.  So here we have Boobie’s DM to Kaley Kade that she decided to try and use to ride Mia Khalifa’s coat tails. Look at Boobie’s first message.  It’s a “?”.  She sent him the message (which she chose to remove from this chat box), which caused him to question it.  He followed her, got a DM, asked if she was in town.  Doesn’t seem too harmful.  But here’s the better part, they’ve clearly hung out before.  So what’s the problem?

Absolutely nothing.  Girls are just mean and horrible.  Don’t get me wrong, I have Kaley Kade on snapchat and she’s the closest thing I have to a girlfriend right now, so that’s awesome.  But here we have a non-story.  This one doesn’t even show up if you search for it on google.  All this does is reaffirms that girls are mean and nasty and try to make boys look bad and that’s why any club I start is “no girls allowed.”

I love you Boobie, don’t ever stop trying to pick up chicks.

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