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Jim Rome attacks Rex Ryan just to fill airspace

Jim Rome attacks Rex Ryan just to fill airspace

Some of you Buffalo Bills fans may have caught that Jim Rome decided to spend roughly 20 minutes of his show today on how Rex Ryan was acting like a ‘stalker superfan’ since signing with the Bills.  If you don’t know who Jim Rome is, he is a sports radio host who has pretty much made his name by being an attention seeking pansy. Also it should be of no surprise that his show is syndicated by CBS Sports Radio, which if you don’t recall is the same network that allowed Bart Scott to trash Buffalo recently which was featured in this piece along with this one as well.

It honestly seems that CBS has a major hatred for Buffalo and have encouraged all employees to reach for any little thing that they can twist into a negative light in order to make Buffalo look like a joke.

Jim Rome went off for 20 minutes today calling Rex Ryan a “Bills stalker”. Why? Well thats a great question actually, his exact reasons for his 20 minute rant are listed below in order….

1)he had beers with Jim Kelly

2)changed the color of his jets tattoo to Bills colors

3)wore a Thurman Thomas jersey to the NFL combine

4)got an aweome Bills theme on his pick up truck

Because of these actions Jim Rome went off on a tangent claiming that Ryan has become a psychopath who is now obsessed with Buffalo Bills players. He said that Rex Ryan was “just a couple of steps away from breaking into their house and wearing their underwear” and that “Rex Ryan has gone from the AFC’s old school alpha male to single white female”.  He told this story in a shocked and serious manner like Rex Ryan has legitimately lost his mind and has become a crazy person with the utmost seriousness.

If you want to listen to the whole 20 minute rant then simply click HERE and press play on the first hour, its in the first 20 minutes. Once you listen to the whole first hour it becomes obvious he is just waiting for his Kobe Bryant interview and has nothing else to talk about. Might as well make somebody look like a piece of shit, am I right?

Rome did his best to describe Rex Ryan like a lost child to his national broadcast and made a complete mockery of us, our team and coach. In all seriousness Rex Ryan is doing all the things a coach for an NFL team should be doing, he has embraced his team just as much if not more than anyone else. He is living and breathing his team, his job after all is to lead that very same team and he is leading by example by putting it at the top of his world.

One of the many things that bothered me by Jim Rome’s retarded rant was the fact that he never brought up the fact that Ryan changed his tattoo from a Jet’s jersey to a Bills jersey. He stated the occurrence as him “getting inked up with Bills colors”. No mention of the fact that he originally got a Mark Sanchez tattoo, no mention that if he walked into training camp with a Jets tattoo there would be very questionable looks from his players. There is a good reason for that though, Jim Rome couldn’t mention any of that because then he wouldn’t have as solid of an argument to make Ryan look like an idiot.

Jim Rome put an awful lot of effort and research into making Rex Ryan look like idiot today, kind of classy if you ask me. I mean that’s what real men do, they twist reality to make others look below them just so they can get attention. There is no question now that Jim Rome is as respectable of a person you will ever come across. When the history books are written, parents around the world will be teaching their children how to be a deceitful cock sucking snake just like Jim Rome. I mean seriously, I’m sure Jim Rome has woken up plenty of late afternoons with his goatee full of semen, just look at his face.

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