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Jim Kelly invited to Dancing With the Stars

Jim Kelly invited to Dancing With the Stars

Could Jim Kelly be heading to ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” soon? Well it seems he was at least invited judging by his daughters tweet this evening:

When my dad comes dancing into the kitchen to tell me he got invited to be on Dancing With The Stars @DancingABC #DWTS #KellyTough

— Erin Kelly (@erinkelly12) August 12, 2014

Even though there have been some previous contestants that I have been big fans of I have never actually watched Dancing With the Stars, a fact that will no longer hold true if Jim Kelly is in fact is a contestant. Jim Kelly has had a tough year and his battle with cancer has not been an easy one,  you have to ask if a dance competition is something his doctors will clear. If so I think its safe to say that he will accept the invite, you don’t go dancing into a room to announce you’ve been invited to a dancing contest without being excited about doing it.

The Kelly family is not exactly known for pranks these days so you can rest assured that Erin Kelly’s tweet is genuine, we  just have to wait and see if he actually accepts the invite. If he does then I really have to say nice job ABC for finally getting me interested in your dance show, Kudos.

*UPDATE* Just as soon as I posted this Erin Kelly tweeted:

Okay so.. My dad declined DWTS because he needs to continue to recover AND take care of the Buffalo Bills!!!!

— Erin Kelly (@erinkelly12) August 12, 2014

so maybe not this year, lets just hope that ABC plans on inviting Jim after he makes a full recovery.

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