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Is Turtleboy Sports and Dubsism blogger “J-Dub” pretending to be black?

Is Turtleboy Sports and Dubsism blogger J-Dub pretending to be black

Those of you that follow our Facebook page have more than likely seen that my coverage of Turtleboy Sports has led to a few trolls commenting and posting on our page, which is more than welcomed by me, I find it to be entertaining and at least somebody out there is making use of the page. Well a few day’s ago one of these trolls who I hadn’t seen in while posted on our page, and this is what he had to say…

After I read that I thought to myself “you know Terrance, you’re right! I’ve been pretty selfish huh?”. So I decided it might be a good idea to look into the other writers for Turtleboy sports and find out a little more about what makes TBS such a group effort. It took me about an hour to identify three of them, it was so easy I just couldn’t believe how dumb some of these guy’s actually were. I mean identifying anonymous bloggers should ideally be much more difficult than this. That’s when I decided to focus and dig into the blogger that interested me the most…. “J-Dub”.

It literally took me under 7 minutes to find out everything I could ever want to know about J-Dub, his name, address, phone number, fb, twitter, place of employment, linkedin account, all the podcast he’s done and who his best friends in the sports blogging world are. Next time you’re laughing about people thinking you’re not a real person J-Dub, remember that some people actually know how to find all of the dirty little things you want to keep secret.

“J-Dub” is a regular contributor for Turtleboy Sports and also has his own blog called ‘Dubsism’ which he has been contributing to on an almost daily basis for the better part of 5 years now. Turns out there are a lot of people out there that don’t actually believe that “J-Dub” is a real person, well… he most certainly is. J-Dub repeatedly describes himself as “a middle aged, educated, black man” and he seems rather passionate about discussing racism and educating white people about what its like to be a black man that has lived his whole life as the victim of said racism. Except there is just one little problem with what he is doing, this is what he looks like…

Meet Jonathan Werner from Lafayette Indiana, AKA “J-Dub”, owner and operator of and Turtleboy Sports featured black writer.  Now before I get into the craziest part about all this, I know there are some people out there that would like proof that this is actually the person who is behind Dubsism, well all you have to do to get that confirmation is scroll back 5 years on his facebook page to find things like this…

Oh you can also check out his youtube page where he uploaded a series of 7 short “podcast” about 2 years ago and then apparently decided it wasn’t working out, or he wanted to commit to being more black, I don’t know, you’d have to ask him. Below you’ll find the most popular of those video’s…. (if for some reason the channel gets taken down I have the video’s saved and can email them upon request)

Now I have to admit, I initially didn’t want to completely dismiss his claims of being black. I understand there are some pretty light skinned black people out there, so I thought “maybe he is just partially black?” but then I read this article he wrote titled “An Ugly Truth About Race And Sports” where he clearly says that both President Obama AND Tiger Woods are NOT black because they are of mixed race. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself…

It is at this point that my head spins in so many directions I don’t even know how to process everything to make a valid argument out of it. This is the REAL black guy (who is educated) that we are supposed to take racism lessons from as a member of the black community?

As a “middle aged educated black” member of society Jonathan Werner has a wealth of knowledge on how you should approach racism and people of different color. In a post for TBS called ‘Call Me “African-American” One More Time…I Dare You’ he is teaching people that it is much better to call black people “niggers” than “african americans”. Now excuse me if I’m wrong, but from what I understand black people prefer to not be called either, but I’m pretty sure they don’t want to be called the first one more than the second. So as such a dark skinned black man that you are Jonathan Werner, why don’t you educate us more on this subject…

It doesn’t stop there, all this was pulled up in a half hour of scanning through his blog post. He’s written over 1,000 blog post in the last 5 years and his first claim to being black I found dates back to 2011. There is the recent story about him trying to get student aid from the United Negro College Fund in the 80’s and how he lost his “black card” because he acted “too white” as told in the article “Do I Really Have To Explain How Racism Works AGAIN?” The shit seriously gets deep, so if you are going to dig into it be prepared for face-palms and head-shaking.

Now there is something just so incredibly wrong with what is going on here. What right does this guy have to tell anyone what its like to be a black man in today’s world? What right does he have to tell people its better to call others the most racist name ever invented instead of one that was originally intended to not offend people? Maybe you have that “one drop of blood” you are discrediting actual black people for J-Dubs, but you have no right to talk about the struggles of the black man in this world. You have no right to tell people about racism from a ‘educated black man’s’ perspective. Seriously, at the end of the summer my skin is twice as dark than yours is so if you want to talk about your struggles as a black man, I cant even. Sure, race baiting is great for getting clicks on your worthless blog, whatever helps you sleep better at night brother. At least I know you are where you belong, and that is at Turtleboy sports, where the writers have no shame for being the worst people on earth.

What do you guy’s think? Am I crazy or is this guy really, truly, honestly 100% black?

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