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In a league full of villains… the NFL needs Tim Tebow

In a league full of villains the NFL needs Tim Tebow

Well… the Philadelphia Eagles signed QB Tim Tebow and just like that the hate and bashing has already begun.

Tim Tebow can’t play QB…

Tim Tebow can’t throw…

Whatever team signs him will have a media circus…

Oh wait, did I say that Tebow can’t throw?

I agree with much of what is said about Tebow’s ability to play quarterback at the professional level. But that’s not what has most people so upset, and what has most people upset is what’s got me upset.

The Patriots just saw their $40 million TE get sentenced to life in prison. Right on the heels of them once again cheating their way to the Super Bowl.

Adrian Peterson just got reinstated after abusing his kid. Ray Lewis will make his living again this fall on ESPN. I could go on for pages regarding the cheats, villains, felons and scoundrels who play in, coach and report on your N-F-L. Some of these people also don’t even play football at the professional level all that well. One could argue they play it just as poorly as Tim Tebow.

Ever heard of RB Joe Randle? No? Maybe this will refresh your memory… this clown was caught shoplifting underwear and cologne in a Dallas mall. Oh good, you do remember. Yeah and nobody’s confusing this 3rd string tailback with Fred Jackson or Shady McCoy. Yet, he gets second chance, after second chance. Richie Incognito has a laundry list of issues, all of which will be overlooked as he’s probably going to be our right Guard. Nobody’s confusing Incognito with Joe D.

Let me get to my point, why are we rooting for the bad guys!?!? Listen, I want the Bills to win the Super Bowl in my lifetime. I do, I really do. I’m OK if the most talented among those who eventually bring home the Lombardi Trophy are less than desirable characters. I too live in the real world and understand that talent rises above all else. I do not live in a world of Leprechauns and Unicorns. It doesn’t mean I have to like them or tell my grandkids to emulate them.

I have kids and in the coming years I will have grandkids. I want them rooting for the likes of Fred Jackson, Kurt Warner and yes…Tim Tebow.

I want my grandkids rooting for the good guy.

I want Tim Tebow to make it. I want him to represent the NFL. We need some more gritty, hardworking, dedicated young men of Christ doing things that our kids look up to and admire. I hope Chip Kelly does figure out a way to use Tebow’s skills. I hope he’s on the field for a dozen or so plays, scores a TD, gets a first down, converts a two-point conversion. I want my grandkids to see a purposeful life on display every Sunday.

I’d like my grandkids to have a poster of Tebow hanging next to Fred Jackson’s. I’m old enough to still want the good guy to win, that the good guy’s efforts are indeed good enough.

I’m rooting for Tim Tebow. Roger Goodell’s mess of an NFL needs more characters like Tebow. Stop hating a guy who loves his family, his God, his community and his sport.

Simply put… all is really lost if we stop pulling for the likes of Tim Tebow while cheering for the bad guy to win.

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