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I Can’t Blame the Loss on the Refs – But I CAN Complain

I Cant Blame the Loss on the Refs

You see a lot of situations where the fans can go and blame the referees for a loss.  I’m not interested in doing that coming off of a game where we coughed up the ball 3 times and were unable to produce much pressure on Tom Brady after successfully stuffing the run all day.

I can still complain about the officiating though because we are getting into the season and it seems like the Buffalo Bills have been on the short end of the stick multiple times this season.  I will say, our offensive line holds a fair share, they are relatively young (or just plain awful if you’re talking about Erik Pears), so that’s going to be something we iron out.

There are 3 plays in particular that irked me in the game against the Patriots.  The first two being the offensive interference calls against Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins.  I’m not even going to get into those, I’m sure someone will do an All-22 and show the bogus nature of those two calls.

The play I want to highlight is this Jerry Hughes penalty.  This play didn’t even end up costing the Bills any points, as the Patriots missed the field goal that this led to, but this was a crucial play on a 3rd and short where Ty Powell came up with a huge stop.  If you watch the GIF in the link above, you can see one important aspect:

The flag is being thrown as Jerry’s hand is coming down the first time as he is slapping Powell’s head.  Watch further and you will see that Dareus also slaps Powell’s head after this penalty was called.

The referee knew he was calling this penalty before it happened, there’s no question in my mind.  The question I have is why is there a 30 second conference between all of the officials after each flag thrown against the opponent of the Buffalo Bills, but there was nothing after this?!  The tackle was JUST made.  Every referee was looking right at that play and saw that happen!  It just doesn’t make any sense.  Against the Bears there was a blatant holding call picked up on Kyle Williams with no explanation given, yet no other referee was able to walk in and say, “that’s not what happened”?!  This just blows my freaking mind.

I would hope that someone in the NFL is keeping tabs on this kind of thing, but apparently it doesn’t really matter.  As for now the Buffalo Bills need to watch absolutely everything they do, as we are being watched a little too closely by the officials.

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