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How the Buffalo Bills told fans Da’Norris Searcy and Brandon Spikes won’t return with team

How the Buffalo Bills told fans DaNorris Searcy and Brandon Spikes wont return with team

If you visited today and read the content they published, then you may have noticed that they are pretty much directly telling us fans that Da’Norris Searcy along with Brandon Spikes are pretty much done in Buffalo. Jerry Hughes on the other hand you can expect to be inked to a long term deal before free agency hits on March 10th.

It was actually kind of weird how they did it all too, and they contradicted themselves while doing so. What you have to understand first and foremost is that this is the official site of the Buffalo Bills, nothing gets put on this site without their approval. So even though it may appear that an article could be pure speculation on the authors behalf, its all approved and coordinated by the teams public relations department. So when they publish an article titled “Keeping Searcy won’t be easy”, they are pretty much preparing you for the fact that he wont be around next season. When they publish an article less than 2 hours later titled “LB Spikes has a decision to make” in which it describes their lack of effort to resign him, they are trying to make their own disinterest appear as though Spikes wants to move on.

Things get better though, but before I can properly explain how we have to take a look at the article they published during the same time as the others. At pretty much the same time as the Searcy article Chris Brown (who I hate because he once stole my headline 2 hours after publishing it) published a piece titled “Bills and Hughes working to stay together“. Now if you actually read this article and the Searcy article then you may have noticed a huge contradiction in what Doug Whaley is telling us about his negotiations between the two players.

In the Searcy article Whaley is quoted as saying “Searcy may probably garner starter money at safety. That’s going to be a little more challenging trying to get that done just because of the cap space dedicated to that position.”. When I read that I really truly understood the thought behind it, you have to manage a whole team and cant just be dumping money into one position while you neglect others. But then I read the Hughes article and had to take in this bit of information…

“We can afford to invest in that defensive line because we don’t have a large part of our salary cap eaten up by a marquee quarterback,” said Whaley. “So that affords us the ability to be able to try to keep a Jerry Hughes and pay him what he’s worth. The way we have to play we’re going to have to have a strong defense and get after the quarterback and run the ball.”

What?! Are you telling me that they have two completely different stances on negotiating with players in articles published in the same god damn hour? Now I understood the Searcy article as soon as I read it, they are not willing to pay him what he’s worth and I was fine with that. The problem lies when you give me a good reason to better understand that, and then intermediately tell me a different story in regards to different player.

After seeing that I have to completely question the whole Brandon Spikes article published moments later. There is still a slight chance of hope it seems for resigning Brandon Spikes, but I honestly don’t see it happening and that’s all Doug Whaley’s fault for pretty much hitting home runs in the draft at linebacker. Remember Kiko is set to return and with Preston Brown surpassing everybody’s expectations last season, they simply are not going to pay Spikes what he is worth to to stick around and play in a limited role.

If I was a betting man (which I am) I would put my money on both Searcy and Spikes playing for different teams in the upcoming season. The Bills themselves have pretty much laid it all out for us, its just a shame they had to try to be sneaky about it and treat us like we’re a bunch of idiots who cant read more than one article an hour. I love you Buffalo Bills. I assure you we can handle it.

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