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Here’s the truth about Marc Hoppy and the fake Bills Mafia Facebook page with 30k members

Marc Hoppy and the fake Bills Mafia Facebook page with 30k members

Before I start I would like to clarify something a lot of you might not realize about the Bills Mafia Facebook pages. There are 2 Bills Mafia Facebook pages, There is the legit official Bills Mafia FB page from Del Reid and the people you know, love and trust from the official Bills Mafia on Twitter, and then there is the impostor Bills Mafia FB page that managed to get 30,000 members and has people thinking its the official page.

It has recently come to my attention that the admins of the impostor FB page do not have your best interest as Bills fans at the top of their mind and are instead serving their own selfish agenda. I’m not saying to to get you to stop following the their page because with 30,000 members it is a fantastic place to keep up with the Bills, I just dont want you to overlook the REAL Bills Mafia FB page just because they have less members. With that said, this article focuses on the fake Bills Mafia page and why you should do a little more research before seeing a number and clicking ‘like’.

Two months ago I wrote an article about one of two main admin’s of the fake Bills Mafia Facebook page by the name of Marc Hoppy which was appropriately titled “Not a very Hoppy Bills fan”. In that article I went into great detail and provided undeniable proof that what I was saying was the absolute truth and that Marc Hoppy is a hateful person who lies effortlessly in an attempt to bring down his fellow Bills fans. So imagine my surprise when I was told by the creator and owner of that facebook page that I just made the whole story up.

Those of you who really know me are probably asking yourself “Is Marc Hoppy really that stupid?” as you know that one of the dumbest things you can do is call me a liar. I don’t just make up stories about people that are close to me and accuse them of being scum sucking pieces of shit because I’m just bored and felt like making up a story. The purpose of this blog is not to hammer out articles and make a nice little living off ad revenue, I’m lucky to get a chance to write something once a week and the ad revenue isn’t even close to cover the cost of keeping the site up and running. I do this for the good honest people still out there, I spend my own hard earned money to have a voice and make people aware of the shitheads in our community, and I do it while being as honest as possible and providing as much physical proof to back up what I’m saying. So when somebody calls me a liar you can bet your bottom dollar they are hiding something and at the same time are avoiding me at all cost.

Its not the first time I’ve put somebody’s dirty laundry out there and its certainly not the first time I got word that those people are saying I just made the whole thing up. Which is always interesting to me because never do these people actually contact me to set the record straight, they just ignore that I even exist and tell the tallest tales to anyone that will listen to them. When I find out I’m being called a liar though, I prefer to confront the individual so I can hear them tell me directly that I just made up the fact that they are a piece of shit. So a month after I wrote the article I messaged Marc to get things straightened out and nobody should be surprised by our exchange…

Yep, I just made the whole thing up and he wont even stand by his word when confronted by the person he is calling a liar. He had absolutely no response to me basically calling him a coward and I never got another message from him. Just to show you that I’m not lying here is a screen shot of when I messaged him a few days ago (a month later) telling him that ignoring me is not a good idea…

As you can see he received the message shortly after I sent it, but I’ll be damned if he wanted to even pretend. You want to call me the liar Marc?! Oh Marc you have a few things to learn about how this world operates, you cant be a piece of shit in this world and just say that other people are the problem. Somebody is going to catch on and you are going to end up looking really stupid and pathetic. I may not be the most well behaved and professional person you are going to meet but at least I have some god damn respect for myself and don’t have to lie about who I am or what I’m doing with my life.

You may have noticed in the last message I sent to Marc that I brought up all of the interaction that I’ve had with him in the past year, well there is a good reason for that. Because  Marc Hoppy is directly responsible for several articles I have written this year, all of which served his own personal interest. I didn’t realize it at the time, and I honestly thought Marc was a good honest dude looking out for fellow Bills fans. But now that I’m putting all the pieces together I am seeing that I was like his own little personal pit bull for him to set loose on all of the people he hated for no other reason than them daring to be involved in the Bills community. Now I wasn’t just blindly following his every word, I always had a sense of what he was doing, I just really thought he was a good and trustworthy person so there was no reason to think he was the actual piece of filthy trash he turns out to be.

This is where Bills Fanatics comes into play, as a lot of you may know I have written some pretty awful things about Pierre Gabbart and his Bills Fanatics group. To say that Marc Hoppy is directly responsible for all of it would be a lie, but he is without a doubt the reason why I was so quick to not put up with any of Pierre’s shit in the first article I wrote about him. That doesn’t take away from the fact that Pierre attempted to punish me like I was some sort of child, but the whole thing about Pierre being a scam artist was fed to me directly from Marc Hoppy. You see Marc used to be part of Bills Fanatics, decided to leave and declare a truce with them while secretly going behind their back to talk a bunch of shit about them. That’s where I come in, Marc seen I was an out of control maniac with my own Bills blog, gained my trust and told me how horrible these people are while pretending to still be their friends. Think that didn’t really happen? Did Marc Hoppy tell you he would never do something like that? Good, take his own word for it then…

Now that does not look at all like the actions of a man that made an agreement with someone to not bash each other. And to be honest I should of just let my problems with Pierre die with that article, but guess who came rallying the troops 5 months later out of nowhere? If you said Marc Hoppy, well then you are god damn right!!!

Now I’m not saying that because I found out that Marc Hoppy is a complete scumbag that the article I wrote about BF buying twitter followers and using it to recruit people is all of a sudden magically not true. I put a lot of work into that article and proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they did, what I’m saying is that if it wasn’t for Marc Hoppy I would have never even known about it and would of concentrated on something else. Which normally would be ok, except this is a guy that gave another man his word that he wouldn’t bash or attack him, and instead used me to do just that.

Which honestly I have no problem with it if your intentions are pure and you are merely looking out for the good people in this world, but I am now thoroughly convinced it was for no other reason than to put himself higher than his competition. That right there is something that bothers me, to see other Bills fans and their groups as competition goes against everything I believe in as a fan of this team.  I put my ame on the line time and time again to stand up for the good honest Bills fans out there and to find out someone is exploiting that for their own selfish gain infuriates. Then to find out that same person is telling people that I’m a liar because I called them out personally for being a selfish little prick, well that’s not going to go over very well on my end.

Marc Hoppy I personally invite you to return my messages and set the record straight. I personally extend an open invitation to tell me to my face that I am a liar and have not told the entire truth in what I have had to say about you. You sir are a lying piece of shit coward, you were raised to be a worthless scumbag who hides from the people that call you out for being a piece of shit human.  You are seriously no better than the giant shit I took this morning and I hope one day you grow some balls and start acting like a man. You might be wise Marc to start being an honest person and start admitting you have been wrong, because if you dont I am not at all done. There is only so much of 8 months worth of personal FB messages you can cram into one article, I didnt even get to the things other people had to say about you, which oddly is a lot worse than anything I had to say here. So just think about that Marc, ask yourself where all those FB likes have gotten you in life and what kind of man it actually made you?

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