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Here is just a taste of how bad Omar Kelly is at his job

Here is just a taste of how bad Omar Kelly is at his job

Today I wanted to take a moment to say a few words about the incomparable Omar Kelly. Kelly is listed as a columnist/writer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Newspaper in Miami.

Kelly has been under attack this week for his outright moronic comments, many of them coming via twitter. I am going to focus on one report released this week that outlines how bad he actually is at his job. That piece (AND VIDEO!!!)  can be found at the link below…,0,4703078.story

There are two points I’d like to specifically address in this article but make no mistake, these are hardly his only shortcomings.

1) Know Your Opponent

ImagIne you are a sports agent and you are desperately trying to sign Kevin Durant. When you go into a meeting with Kevin your focus is on presenting what you have and knowing everything about Kevin. This should be the same case for a sportswriter. The ONLY responsibility outside of reporting on your team is to know that week’s opponent inside and out. It’s your job. So imagine if the agent stepped into the meeting and said, “We really like what Carl Durant can do out there”. Do you think Durant would feel disrespected? Do you think Durant’s people along with Kevin would think that the agent is flat out not doing his job? The answers in my opinion are an emphatic yes on both accounts. So when Kelly refers to Anthony Dixon as “Antonio” Dixon, what are we to think? When Kelly can’t remember the name of our #1 Cornerback, one of the best DB’s in the league, how can we respect his opinions as a journalist. The answer is simple, we can’t, and won’t.

2)When making a prediction, provide supporting statements (tangible statements)

In the predictions, Kelly predicts the Dolphins will win the game. While he is wrong, I have no problem with him going that route. No one respects his bullshit opinions anyway. It is the reason that he provides that just baffles me. His final statement of the prediction to support his pick: “The Dolphins have more talent, so the edge goes to Miami.” The Dolphins have made some changes in the off-season. The Offensive line appears to have improved. But let us not forget that much of the same team remains intact. The same team that dropped two games to a Thad Lewis led Bills team just a year ago. The beautiful part of this is that in the video that is attached with these predictions he notes that the Dolphins don’t know who is playing LB. He goes on to tell us about the non-favorable matchups across the board for the Fins. He cites the Bills talent at WR and RB. Where in these positions is he seeing a talent advantage for Miami? It is a flat out joke.

The biggest beef that we as fans have with these comments all boils down to respect. A team that is an injury away from not just playing, but starting Kevin Sheppard has no right to attack their opponent for lack of depth. Keep in mind he does so after talking about the depth the Bills have at O-Line, Running Back and Wide Receiver. And finally to round everything up this extreme ass clown goes to the ever popular “No one wants to play in Buffalo” line. Ask Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Fred Jackson and others that question. The statement is insulting and should drive this team even more. I implore you to read his prediction and watch the short little video. If you are thinking of a career change this will give you the confidence that even you can be a sports columnist and if you want to be a shitty one, well then pay close attention.

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