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Henderson vs Wake – Round 1

Henderson vs Wake – Round 1

Probably the most intriguing match-up of Week 2 was what I presumed might be a disaster waiting to happen. Seantrel Henderson faced the unenviable task of trying to stop Cam Wake, who was a force in Week 1 with 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. During my preview piece last week, I had hoped that Lee Smith was back in the lineup to give him a helping hand. It seemed that the coaches had more faith in him than I did.

* Positive/neutral/negative plays are assignment-based, not relative to the yardage gained.

Run plays vs Wake:

Total plays14
Positive plays6
Neutral plays6
Negative plays2

Pass plays vs Wake:

Total plays18
Positive plays4
Neutral plays11
Negative plays3

On the total 32 snaps where Henderson blocked Wake, he received help on just 4 of them. 3 occasions from Scott Chandler and once from Fred Jackson (all coming on pass plays).

He didn’t allow a sack and allowed just one pressure on the quarterback. Seantrel also had the key block against Wake on the 48 yard run by CJ Spiller. Wake registered one tackle in the game.

Run plays vs Others:

Total plays16
Positive plays5
Neutral plays11
Negative plays0

Pass plays vs Others:

Total plays9
Positive plays5
Neutral plays4
Negative plays0

On the 25 snaps not against Wake, I counted zero negative plays or blown assignments against Henderson. He had one double team on Derrick Shelby (aided by Chris Gragg) on a run play but that was all of the designed help he received.


I’m never one to jump the gun and anoint players after a handful of games but I might make the exception with Henderson. For a rookie 7th round pick to essentially neutralise a player like Cameron Wake in his second NFL start is impressive. The fact that he did it with the minimum help makes it all the more wonderful.

The performance wasn’t flawless and the system did help him not having to sustain blocks for ridiculous amounts of time but it was encouraging and step in the right direction in his development. I look forward to monitoring him throughout his rookie year.

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