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Has anyone seen Bryce Brown?

Has anyone seen Bryce Brown

As I watched Anthony Dixon leap over defenders with the grace of a three-legged gazelle I thought to myself, if only we had another change of pace back that wasn’t a converted fullback on our squad. We of course have CJ Spiller who is grinding out a solid 30-40 yards per game but I am looking for another weapon. So during the course of the Patriots game I found myself muttering “CJ looks like shit, again”. Then it all started to click as my mind wandered into a series of brillian thinking… Shit… Brown….that’s it! We have Bryce Brown!

In what I like to call the “Tarvaris Jackson move” the Bills traded away a 4th round draft pick for Brown in May of 2014, only to never play him in the regular season (yet). Below is a quote from Doug Marrone after another solid pre-season performance from Brown “I think, in my mind Bryce Brown is a very talented running back that has the potential to start in the NFL,” said head coach Doug Marrone. “So I think what happens a lot, when he is in the game I think he is one of the better players on the field. So, his production is not surprising for any one of us.”

So naturally the Bills choose to have Brown inactive each week in favor of Anthony Dixon. The reasoning is likely centered around Dixon’s ability to play special teams. The big issue I have with this is that I have not heard Dixon’s name mentioned on special teams since week 1. The Bills carry 3 kickers because I guess they are afraid teams may start at the 23 instead of the 20 after the kickoff. If you add up all of the factors, the decision to bench Brown and not give him a shot becomes more and more confusing. I tried to think of another plausible excuse and came to the conclusion that maybe Bryce has left One Bills Drive and they just can’t find him to activate him. I immediately jotted down the top 3 likely landing spots where Brown may be so that I can help the franchise in any way possible to find him.

1. The Big Tree Inn

Long known as the local watering hole for players, The Big Tree would be a perfect place for Brown to drown his sorrows. Booze is the perfect elixir for being benched for a converted fullback. Players are often noticed at the Big Tree and garner more attention but he would likely fit right in with the crowd due to the fact that no one has seen his face on Sunday as of yet.

2. He bought Marshawn’s old van and is on a road trip

OK, maybe I just really want this to be the one. We all know of Marshawn’s misfortunes in this automobile. I always used to imagine that thing rolling down Chippewa with Skittles spewing out of the exhaust. It’s quite possible Brown had this van pimped out and started driving with no thoughts of turning back.

3. He’s been traded and Marrone isn’t telling anyone

As mentioned earlier in the article this one belongs in the category of Tarvaris Jackson. In 2013 the Bills struck a deal with the Seattle Seahawks dealing a 7th round pick for Jackson. Jackson and I ended up spending the same amount of time on the field during the regular season and he was released in the offseason while competing in a 4 man competition for the starting job. The Bills are short on draft picks after trading up for Sammy Watkins this past year and don’t seem to have any designs on Brown seeing the field this year. Somewhere in Seattle, Tarvaris is chuckling. But the question remains, where is Bryce?

I’ve wanted to write this article for a while and continued to search week in and week out for news on Brown and where he might be. Finally today I saw a few articles. It seems that Brown is in fact in Buffalo and he is just as confused as all of us as to why he isn’t playing. In a recent interview Brown told the Buffalo News “I expected to play and I expected to play right away. I still expected to play right away after preseason. Me not playing and inactive was a surprise.” With Spiller struggling the move gets more and more perplexing both to Brown, myself and the fans that know Brown is a very capable back that deserves a shot at this point. I believe that he provides at least an opportunity to provide a jolt to the offense. A breath of fresh air never hurt anyone’s team and it is clear that Brown is a talented kid. I, along with many other Bills fans would love to see him get his shot. All we have to do is just bench one of our three kickers to do it, I’ll just leave this here…

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