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Harry Potter pledges allegiance with Buffalo Bills

Harry Potter pledges allegiance with Buffalo Bills

“The Boy Who Lived” took to national television on The Jimmy Kimmel show on Tuesday, July 29th to officially tell the world how he feels about Bon Jovi, Toronto and the whole city of Buffalo.

Harry Potter was trying to get into America through Toronto, but of course, the Canadian government didn’t want to part ways with the powerful wizard.  Eventually Potter saw himself fleeing to the United States border where he was allowed to cross safely while Canadian Dementors chased after.

Harry took to Jimmy Kimmel to display his deep hate for Bon Jovi as a whole, who resembles the Dark Lord Voldemort if you look at him in the right light, as well as some great information on Buffalo, as well as sharing some insight towards an English Wizard only knowing about Buffalo because of the Buffalo Bills.

Harry goes on to share some great information with the country, the word “buffalo” is a verb, a noun as well as a place (which I thought a noun was a person place or thing, but if Hermione told him this I’m sure it’s right), which means you can say the word buffalo 9 times in a row and it would be a complete sentence.

Jimmy Kimmel said it  best, if the Bills move to Toronto, we go to war with Canada.  Harry agreed, took out his wand and pledged his allegiance to the Buffalo Bills and vowed to stop Bon Jovi from ever owning our team.

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