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Fans can only react with cheers!

Fans can only react with cheers

“I don’t think any of us are happy.  None of us are happy. I don’t look at it and say, ‘Why are you booing’ or anything like that. You know, when you play poorly, you should get booed. I don’t have any problem with that.” – Doug Marrone

I just wanted to start out by saying that I am a fan of the Buffalo Bills, I am a fan of Marquise Goodwin and I would also like to admit that I was booing yesterday.  Wait what?  I’m not allowed to call myself a fan and boo the team when they don’t show up?

Listen, we have heard it all, “It’s just preseason,” “Relax it’s only preseason,” “Come on doogie, it’s only preseason brah.”  Fact of the matter is Ralph Wilson Stadium was sold out yesterday and our offense didn’t show up.  So when something like this happens:

Looks like we will have to play against our own “fans” this year. Same ones booing prolly the first in line for autographs. Smh #FEWDM

— MARQUISE GOODWIN (@flashgoodwin) August 24, 2014

I don’t really seem to understand where he can get off tweeting his fan base with something like that. The stadium was filled and the offense came out and played terrible.  There’s no excuses you can put on the offense.  Scott Chandler slipped, things happen, no one was booing at that play.  The game went on and on and people started booing and that’s their right.  That’s their way of telling you to get your head on right and quit dicking around.

If you went to see an Iggy Azalea concert and she forgot all the words to “Fancy” and then got pissed that the crowd booed her, that would seem a little absurd, correct?

Now, aside from that, we as fans get to hear about the fights from camp, the grit and determination, then we sell out a preseason game to come watch that?  Yeah I booed, anyone who says they didn’t boo is probably lying or they don’t understand football.  It has nothing to do with loyalty, it has nothing to do with not supporting your team.  I didn’t boo once when the defense was on the field.  Not once.

The word of the day is “accountability”, which this team doesn’t seem to have a lot of right now.  Get up and say “We will get better for you” and give us something to be hopeful about. Now we are sitting here mulling over the idea that our team doesn’t care about us as much as we care about them.  If you believe that the way you composed yourself on offense yesterday deserved an applause, then we are in for another long season.

I hope that the disconnect between players and coaches on the fans booing is addressed this week and we see something a bit different on Thursday.

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